Nov 29, 2012

Wish List- Home Edition

Dear Santa,

I would really appreciate a Hickory Chair Jackson Skirted Wing Chair.
It's just what my living room needs.  In fact, let's make it a double?

While we're on the living room, I'd like to switch out my current coffee table (which has been exiled to the dining room for play space for nanny and 2 babies) for this fun little number from World Market.

And let's not neglect the dining room.  I think the off-center random light fixture that I completely ignore should be replaced with this lovely lantern from Shades of Light.

It's on sale, too!  What a stocking stuffer!

If you can't tell, the redecorating bug has bit me hard.  I am craving some changes around the house.  Poor Hubs better watch out- this is normally around the time when I start hauling in projects that sit in our carport for years.  Let's hope Santa delivers instead!


  1. Did you ever share pictures of the renovation you did a while back? If so, I missed it. I would love to see how it all turned out!

  2. Gosh I have been such a lighting addict recently. We have DREADFUL lights in our apartment. Fluorescents in our kitchen... shudder. I can't wait for gorgeous fixtures in my Future Someday Home

  3. i am LOVING that chair my dear...that redecorating can get you in trouble but it's OH so fun. you need to come to nashville and check out my FAVORITE decor store called PD's--it's AMAZING! think restoration hardware type stuff for WAY WAY less

  4. Haha. I hear you! I am so bored with my house right now. I blame the baby gear.


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