Nov 8, 2012

This and Thats

  • I am so thrilled that Annie and Margaret are coming up to visit this weekend!  Dell Harper is very excited as well, ladies.  She has been practicing waving, standing up, and crawling at the speed of light in anticipation.

  • Her nanny sent me this picture the other day.  How is my little baby pulling up all by herself?  it just can't be true.  My friend who I nanny share with has one of those little tables with a piano on it.  Miss Priss is obsessed apparently.  She likes to jam out on the piano and dance.

  • I have been cooking quite a bit lately, thanks to my new Barefoot Contessa cookbook.  This week I have made the meatloaf, winter minestrone, and asparagus with prosciutto, eggs and Hollandaise.  I have always been scared of hollandaise sauce (making it, not eating it).  The recipe for easy Hollandaise sauce is super simple.  Pictures and recipes will follow!

  • Can you believe it is Thursday?  Where has this week gone?  I feel like life is flying by way to fast lately.  I can't seem to catch my breath, or wake up!

  • Last bit of baby bragging (for today at least)- I just have to tell y'all about Dell Harper's thighs.  Those little ham hocks of legs are the so sturdy and scrumptious.  I think it is a blessing that they have to be covered up for winter, as I would have strangers gnawing on my baby's legs- they are just that squeezable.  All muscle- that girl never stops moving.  She is busy, busy, busy!


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