Nov 28, 2012

The Haps

I was so thrilled to pop down to Atlanta Monday and meet this adorable little one- I can't believe I'm holding Anne's son!  Such a cuddle bug.  I am, of course, plotting Dell Harper's wedding to him already.

In other news I am using the L'Oreal BB Cream, and LOVE it.  My skin has been looking dewy and clear lately.  I am attributing it to the magic of BB cream.  I love not putting on foundation, and it evens out my skin.

I am  bummed out about this, but we are not getting a tree this year.  Miss Priss is pulling up on anything and everything, and with her nanny watching two babies, it's just too much of a hazard.

Source: via Samma on Pinterest

So, send me pictures of mini-trees.  I have to have something sparkly and twinkly!

So it will have to be a Charlie Brown tree for us this year.  I am planning on keeping my other decor simple, natural and crisp.

Source: via Samma on Pinterest

Y'all might remember how funny I am about holiday decor- tree, wreath, garland, nativity and done!  I get overwhelmed with the holidays- Christmas creeping closer to Halloween each year.  It really makes me sad, because it ruins Thanksgiving for me, as well as Christmas.  I want to decorate myself in autumnal hues until December, when I want velvet, glitter, and jewel tones!  Retailers- quit pushing  Christmas forward.  I will still buy stuff.  I promise!

Okay, random rant over.  Have y'alll used a BB Cream?  Tell me about your glorious, ornament-laden, enormous Christmas trees, and let me drool with envy!


  1. I'm nervous about the tree this year. We're going to put one up, move the breakable ornaments out of reach, and hope for the best! Blaire's old enough to understand "no" but young enough that she doesn't always listen. Wish me luck!

    I've just started using the Maybelline BB cream and like it so far. Sometimes I wish it had a bit more coverage but I like how quickly and evenly it goes on. I'll try the L'Oreal next.

  2. I haven't tried L'Oreal's, but I use Clinique's BB Cream and I love it! I started off just using it on hot days in the summer, but it has become a year-round staple.

    I agree with you about keeping Fall decor until December and then... GLITTER!

  3. Rant on!!! I totally hear you about too much Christmas too soon! Unfortunately this year I am 'forced" to do some decorating due to a neighbor event but I plan to wait to get all of the Christmas decor up.

  4. Totally trying to convince my husband to get a small tree as well. I'm just worried the whole thing will come down and she'll get hurt. Sigh...

    What shade in the BB cream are you using? I've tried one or two before (not this one) and don't ever seem to get the right shade.

  5. We're keeping our tree on a coffee table and have it in the living room where O only goes if someone is with him. Can you put a shorter tree on a table??

    I have got to try BB cream, especially after your rave review!


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