Apr 2, 2013

Family Room Before and After

This was the family room when we saw the house for the first time.  Not pictured?  More cat equipment, a futon and more random plastic shelving.

And now.

The first thing we did was have the built-ins painted.

I probably should have straightened my shelves, and picked up Buddy's toy, but I am keeping it real, right?

That's why you can glimpse pictures leaning again the wall that I have yet to hang.  They've been sitting there for a couple months now.  Someday I will hang them.  The walls used to be ratty 70's paneling that had been painted., and the ceiling was acoustic tile.

Here's the biggest change.  The doorway into the kitchen used to be a wall with an opening cut out- just like how it is to the right.

There was a narrow doorway where the painting of the barn and the red toile chair is now into the kitchen.  It made for a very awkward flow.

The closet on the left is wonderful- the sides are shelved and where I keep all my platters, glassware, etc.  And the middle houses our bar.  I also have tendency to throw fabric and pillows in there.  I should stop that.

Now looking at these pictures, I really should have tidied this space up.  Closets are my secret shame where my inner messiness abounds.

I have thought about turning this into a closet office, but Morgan does not want to lose the bar, and it is a wonderful storage area, and bar for entertaining.  Which we have not done in far too long. . .

Getting rid of the acoustic tile ceiling and nasty old carpet was definitely my favorite part of this room transformation.  It really feels like part of the house now.

Oh, the curtains are cheeps from Cost Plus World Market, and I attached burlap ribbon to the bottom as a border, since they were too short.  The rug is a wonderful- perfect for those who have kids and dogs and don't want anything too precious.  It's from Overstock- a great source for rugs, that my sister in law reminded me about.  Pillows I had made, and the sectional is a hand me down from my parents.  The toile chair was a baby-sitting payment in law school, and the leather chair and ottoman (currently in service as a baby-proofing cabinet block) was my wedding present to Morgan.


  1. Love your bar/butler's pantry! I like how you can tuck it out of sight but it is right there at your reach! I love that toile chair!! It looks like a totally different space! Nice work.

  2. I, too, have messy closets - if I can shut the door and not see it any longer, it's not really a mess, right?

    This is a great transformation, nicely done!

  3. Looks great!! I like Buddy's toys too. The dog needs his toys!

  4. Painting the built-in cabinets made a huge difference. I really like how your room turned out - great job !

  5. I have cheap curtains from World Market in our bedroom that are also too short, and that I've been meaning to creatively lengthen for two years. Sigh. Your family room looks great!

  6. What a fun little pantry! We're getting ready to do major renovations on our kitchen. I'm not too thrilled about the dinero or the time it will take, but I'm sure I'll love the final outcome.

  7. I love the built ins and the gallery wall is nice. I wish I had purchased a grey couch instead of my light light couch. I like the pantry too!

  8. I love this. Love, love, love it! It is definitely a lived in room, which sometimes I feel like bloggers don't show when they do a home or room tour.

    I especially love your closet bar :)


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