Apr 18, 2013

Little Happies, Part 2

 I got home from an event tonight to find this treasure trove in my mailbox.  The HGTV and Food Network ones were a wonderful happy prize from a friend who works at Scripps.  It just made my day!  I am dashing off this post in order to get reading.

My favorite stationery store has a Scottie dog named Alice as its mascot/store dog/owner's pup.  Dell Harper is obsessed.  These pictures are from this winter, but you get the gist.
 These are separate occasions, mind you.  My dad offered several times to get Dell Harper a Scottie for her birthday, but I did not want Morgan to leave me, so he refrained.
 Anyway, Wednesday was Alice's birthday, so we just had to pop in for some cookies and champagne.

While there, I could not resist this wrapping paper.

And these recipe cards.

On the glum side of things, my favorite road/main thoroughfare/road I drive a million times a day because it has no lights is closed until November.  This is awful, and traffic is terrible.  However, sitting in said traffic, I glanced out the window to spy these tables at a junkstore/antique market.  I liked them.  Then I was sitting in front of the store in traffic again a couple hours later, and thought about them some more.  I finally bought them today, after a couple more traffic contemplations. The lady gave me some money off the marked price, which I used to promptly purchase some more antique cookbooks.

Aren't they pretty?  I am going to chalk paint them, because the finish is actually in pretty bad shape.  I am thinking a soft warm yellow- Annie Sloan's Arles.  If I don't like it, I can always paint over it, right?

Speaking of chalk paint, Mama and I are collaborating on a painted piece of furniture for a local charity auction.

Please ignore the iPhone pictures of an unfinished project- I still have to sand and wax the red coat, which is still wet.  Mama made the animals, which we are going to glue on top.  I have a feeling this might have to return to my house after the auction.  It has Dell Harper written all over it!

Okay, off to read my magazines and relax!


  1. So I just heard about chalk paint and I'm intrigued. I have a hutch I want to do....I need to do some more research!

    Also, love those recipe cards!!

  2. That picture of DH and the scottie? DYING at the cuteness!!

  3. i am OBSESSED with scottie dogs...i think DH needs another play friend for sure!!!!!

  4. I love the one of DH and the Scottie nuzzling / burrowing into each other! SO sweet! Also, magazine mail is so thrilling!


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