Apr 8, 2013

Sunny Weekend

  • Miss Priss is enjoying her favorite activity here- crawling up and down the stone steps.  It turns her father into a nervous wreck.  I think he would like to wrap our adventuresome climbing tot in bubble wrap from head to toe.

  • I trekked over across the river to pick up Dell Harper a kitchen I purchased off Craigslist.  Morgan was out of town, so I made my dad come with me, after the seller texted me I would know the house by the big, black Harley Davidson in the driveway.  Ha!  Of course, the seller was in fact, lovely, and not scary, but you never know.  Safety first in bargain hunting.

  • She had her first swim lesson at the Y on Saturday morning.  It was just darling.  I found myself getting distracted when I was supposed to be teaching her to kick her legs.  I wanted to munch those dimpled knees instead.

  • Morgan and I went to the UT baseball game with some friends Sunday.  It was a wonderful game, sitting up in the porches in the outfield.  I mean, the actual score was awful.  However, the scenery, company, and cold beers were absolutely delightful.  My nose is red now, as sunscreen has fallen out of my vocabulary.  Ahh, sun, my old friend.  I'm just so happy that you are back in my life!

  • I wore this dress from Gap to church, and got so many compliments.  It is super cute and comfy, and perfect for dressing up or down.

    And on a final note, we headed out to dine on the patio at our neighborhood Mexican restaurant last night.  I decided to veer from my normal taco salad, and distracted by getting Miss Priss her quesadilla, ordered something named the "Mexican Carnival".  Unsurprisingly, it was not the best order.  The Mexican Carnival was described as melted cheese, with a garnish of your choice of meat and sautéed peppers and onions.  I thought this was a misprint, and was instead garnished with melted cheese.  Um, no.

    I was handed a HUGE bowl full of melted cheese, sprinkled with some shrimp and sautéed veggies.  I adore cheese, but this was out of control.  I wish I had a taken a picture.  The worst part?  I was the one who ordered something called the Mexican Carnival.  The plate on cheese in front of me was entirely of my own doing. I think I will stick to the taco salad next time.

    HA- don't you love that out of my entire sunny weekend, I write the most about a plate of melted cheese?


  1. 1. I am loving your front door!
    2. Also loving your tunic in the baseball picture
    3. Four of the Carolina baseball players sat next to Hayes and me at CFA today at lunch and they were so kind. It was fun to congratulate them in person on a good weekend of games. I just love baseball season!!
    4. Great score on the kitchen for DH!! Sweet little chef!

  2. I am in love with your front porch and your paisley top! And of course sweet Dell Harper playing with her new kitchen. Such fun!

  3. Keep this going please, great job!

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  4. That kitchen is precious- and I love that gingham dress {and top!}

  5. Oh, I remember when mine where Miss Dell's age and all they wanted to do was climb up & down steps. Yep, it made me nervy, too. :) Love your pansies on your front porch - just lovely!

  6. You have me wanting cheese now, haha! That dress is super cute! I feel like I've been spending all day going up and down stairs with Knox & Sloane! I love the kitchen!

  7. I love that dress and she is so cute climbing those steps!


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