Apr 17, 2013

Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch

So back to my normal inanity.  I tried a recipe out of "How to Cook With One Ear", and those Atlanta realtor ladies are not messing around.  This took about five minutes to make, was delicious, and even better the next day, after chilling in the refrigerator overnight.

Click the picture to enlarge to see the entire recipe.

I doubled the vanilla, because I love vanilla and had just about 2 teaspoons left on my bottle, but stuck to the recipe otherwise.

I almost had the same problem of a story I heard my mom tell once about one of my grandmother's friends, if I recall correctly.

She made a big pie while her husband was at work, and while it cooled, set about doing her household chores.  While she was ironing, she decided she just had to have a little sliver of the pie, so she cut herself a small slice, then got back to work.  Well, we all know that ironing is not the most exciting of occupations, so she was compelled to have another teeny piece, then another.

Next thing you know, she looks down and half of that pie is gone!  She was terribly embarrassed for her husband to get home and see that she had eaten half the pie, so she was left with no alternative.  She just had to eat the whole darn thing before he got home from work.

It's a good thing I made this one after supper when Morgan was home, or else it might have met the same fate!

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