Apr 4, 2013

Forever, Forever, Ever, Forever, Ever?**

We've had some discussion around here regarding "forever houses".  I think, like many of you, I am planning on doing what I really want in the house I will be in until my end of days.  When I move into this house, I of course will have unlimited budget for my fantasies.

I am nothing if not realistic.

Bu the stuff that I want for forever?  Things like fun wallpaper in my guest room and laundry room.

And the powder room for good measure.

Colorful painted cabinets in kitchen and bathroom.


Too bad for pink I have a husband with opinions to contend with, as well as a budget.


And built in bookcases in every possible space.

So there you have it, a colorful, patterned, papered, be-draped space chock-full of books.  Sounds pretty good to me!

Also, I wanted to let y'all know that yesterday's post was not some plea for comments (but I do love hearing from anyone who is reading!).  I genuinely wanted to know what the deal is- it seems like the consensus is that everyone reads from their phone, and it is super hard to comment thusly.  I am guilty of this too, and am trying to flag stuff, because I love to let people know how much I enjoy what they are saying!  Good Lord, though, it is hard to do word verification as it is, and trying to read that nonsense from my iPhone screen?  No wonder I got a cornea infection*!

*completely unrelated to reading/screens/small print.

**Why can't Outkast get back together?  Don't they know I need them?


  1. This post was such house porn! I've told JM we can decorate our house like the Brooks Brothers on Madison Ave - masculine, country club-esque, classic - but I get to do one powder room in a frilly toile-papered fashion.

    Also, adore the wainscotting in the kitchen

  2. I absolutely love the picture frames hung on the bookcases. My forever home will definitely have a whole room of books. Currently I probably have about 25 books in my entire house. I've always been a library girl and now with everything on tablets, no books!!!! I"ll have to buy them just for decorating.

  3. Love the laundry room, that yellow is amazing!

    And I second a return from Outkast, I may have sang along with your title:)

  4. Yes. To all of this. My forever includes lots of toile, and a basement where th dogs can watch TV. (Yes, that is what I meant to say...)

  5. I love your style! It all seems very southern to me--and this California girl likes it!

    The wall papers are beautiful and I am obsessed with built-ins. I dream of how they would look in my "now" house all the time.

  6. eeee love your choices. And I want built ins everywhere, too, and sadly my home has none!

  7. Every pic is so beautiful.

  8. What a wonderful forever house that would be! I might not even mind doing the wash if I had that cheery laundry room;)


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