Apr 25, 2013

Furriness and Flowers

Well, I made hay while the sun was shining today, and planted my containers full of red geraniums, sweet potato vine, and various other pretties I picked up at my favorite nursery.  Dell Harper played happily while I dug and watered.   I decided to just do containers this year, as my beds' soil is absolutely terrible, even after tilling and changing out the soil last year.  Also, portability is nice when trying to plant with a toddler going here, there and everywhere.

Buddy happily supervised, until I got to the watering part.  He is a weirdo golden retriever, as he will not get near water of any sort, other  than his bowl.  Good thing Dell Harper feels differently, as she goes under in her final swim lesson Saturday.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, full of flowers and sunshine.  Hurrah for spring!


  1. Your flowers are beautiful! The colors / variety you chose is perfect. Owen's likes to "help" garden too. His favorite job is throwing the potting soil in the poor dog's outdoor water dish.

    Good luck to DH this weekend!

  2. So beautiful! I love the red. And the dog. And your front door!

  3. they look WONDERFUL!!!!! we got red geraniums, too...definitely one of my favorites

    yay for swim class graduation--now bring on the beach ;)

  4. They look great - no shame with those gorgeous pots!


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