Apr 30, 2013

Out Of Pocket

Construction has begun on our house, so Miss Priss and I decided to escape for a couple weeks and headed down to the Gulf Coast.  We're soaking up the sun poolside, and getting used to the beach- a minor wave that splashed Miss Priss' calves was a setback this morning.  I even managed to read a few pages of my new Julia Reed book purchased from my favorite bookstore, Sundog Books, while Dell Harper had her snack break sitting on a lounge chair like her mama.

Well, I'm back to document review, as this is a working vacation, but I wanted to let y'all know about some chicken before I sign off.  My favorite Highway 331 dining establishment, "It Don't Matter", is currently under construction after a fire, so Mama and I were at a bit of a loss as to where to eat supper on the way down here.  Based on the number of cars in the parking lot, we stopped at the Chicken Shack in Luverne, Alabama.  We each had a couple pieces of fried chicken, slaw and fries.  It was delicious, and Miss Priss enjoyed smiling and waving at all the other patrons.

She then got to run around in the grass behind the place, and had her diaper changed in said grass in view of a couple of trailers.  Apparently, Mama and I are determined to ensure that girl does not forget her East Tennessee roots while on vacation.


  1. You girls enjoy your beach vacation! Sounds heavenly - as does that chicken!

  2. Aaaahh! Enjoy!! It sounds like these next couple of weeks are going to be just PERFECT! Can't wait to read about it when you get back :)

  3. I live 10 miles from the Chicken Shack! Glad you got to enjoy it!


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