Oct 21, 2014

Clarification, Weekend Review, and a Fall Make-ahead Menu

Firstly, I realized I need to clarify something re: the poop incident.  DH was not being malicious or even naughty when she smeared fecal matter on my face.  Shudder.  She was just trying to wake me up and show me that she had an incident.  I think the giggles were a nervous reaction to my horrified face.

We had people over for a casual supper and game watching Saturday for the Tennessee/Ole Miss game.  

 Herbed salami, fig spread, cornichons, French mustard, pickled okra, and homemade country ham pate. Along with crostini, crackers and cheese.  Yum.

Now, this menu is amazing, because it's all do-ahead.  I made everything Friday night, and was completely relaxed when people arrived- even with Dell Harper running around the "grown-up party".

 First up- Kale and Collards Salad from Southern Living last year.
 This salad got raves!  I left out the final bit of lemon juice that the recipe calls for, because I think it's too tart.  Also, I left out the radicchio because Kroger didn't have any.  The beauty of this salad is the ability to make a salad in advance.  And- you can eat the leftovers (which are pictured here- I forgot to take pictures at the party).

 Next up- Ina Garten's Beef Bourguignon:

Classic, upscale comfort food?  Of course a Barefoot Contessa recipe will hit the spot.  Make it the night before.  Simmer all day long.  Your house will smell divine.
 Pictured here are leftovers.  They were delicious as well.

I served the beef bourguignon over creamy stone ground grits (recipe here- cook for 15 minutes, not 75).  To eliminate any extra work, just serve both directly from the stove.  I had two big Dutch ovens full of grits and beef stew, and our guests served themselves.    I usually appreciate the function of my well-used Le Creuset dutch ovens, but parties are a lovely time to show off their good looks as well.

I doubled the beef recipe, and had a couple servings left over.  Judging by the bowls in the dishwasher, about 15 people ate supper.  It was a lovely, cozy and casual dinner- perfect for football and fall.  If only the game had been so satisfying. . .at least Georgia won.

 I got rugs for my kitchen!  Off Ebay.  I love them!  Now just need to get rug pads.

Leigh brought over donuts, and included a special one with sprinkles and chocolate icing.  She got to have it the next morning in return for staying in her bed during the grown-up party.

Okay, running out the door- take kiddos to school, volunteer garden cleanup, birthday lunch for friend, work, and take dinner to a friend.   This post is rife with typos I am sure, but I am going to post it regardless. Apologies!!


  1. The eBay rugs are awesome. What a find!

    Also, tell me more about that country ham pate ... I am intrigued!

  2. OK I LOVE LOVE LOVE those rugs and am going to need more details about the eBay seller.

    DH and I have the same feelings about donuts. I would totally stay in my room during an adult party in exchange for donuts the next morning.

    And I'm with A.Liz...tell me more about the pate. It looks like ham salad, which I guess is basically the same thing, but maybe not? Either way, you had me at country ham.

  3. Oh to be your real-life local friend! Sounds like a fantastic evening!

    Ditto requests for the ham pate, ebay info, and - I'll add an additional - deets on your soup bowls!

  4. Yum! I adore your rugs!! I want to squeeze DH. I need to send you some of my fig jam!!

  5. Mmmmm, pate recipe too please!!!


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