Oct 2, 2014

Design Fads I Don't Get

This look has been making the rounds on Pinterest, and it baffles me.
Dip dye thrift store paintings! What?  First of all, I can't see the merits of the paintings, but those are super nice frames and mattes.  Why would you ruin that? So bizarre.

And this-

What am I missing here? Other than the paintings or photographs that belong in the frames (har-de-har).   This look is everywhere- just search "empty frame gallery wall" on Pinterest.  I don't want to link to blogs, as to not hurt people's feelings.

I honestly do not understand.  Why would you have empty frames on your wall?  Go to a local art show, or a thrift store, or use some of the options in this House Beautiful article.  Hell, get your kids' art up on that wall.  Just don't fall prey to this trend, I beg you.

It's probably my indoctrination from my artist mama, but real art made by an actual artist makes your home. Invest in art- you see it every day and it will make your life better.  I promise.

Just don't dip it in neon paint, please.

Rant over.


  1. These are both ludicrous and silly and I hope they go away soon. I know you love books, too, and one of my huge rants awhile ago was wondering why people needed to "style" their bookshelves. FILL 'EM WITH BOOKS! That is what they're for!!!

  2. Yeah I def don't get ruining perfectly nice art and frames by dipping them in paint like that -- its taking the "dipped" look too far. But then again I didn't get skinny jeans either at first, so...

  3. Yes.... I don't understand filling your walls with things that mean nothing to you. In my opinion, homes should tell a story, and empty frames are just there to fill up space.

  4. Agreed on the empty frames. I have some girlfriends who did that when we were first out of college and furnishing our own apartments. I think they thought it was both cool and budget-friendly, but by the time they bought the frames and painted them, they could have just gotten some cute stuff from Etsy or a local artist.

    And holy shit, I've not seen the dipped painting trend before, but that is THE fugliest home décor trend I've seen in awhile. It just does not compute. WHY? Whyyyyyy would anyone do that???

  5. hahaha...OK i have yet to see the dip dyed frame/art, but that just looks like someone dropped it into a bucket of paint by accident, so i don't understand AT ALL!!!!!

  6. Whaaaaaaaaaa, re: the dipped cheapie art??! That's heinous! I think Domino might be to blame for the empty frame gallery, but I'm with you...just, no.

  7. I agree. Although, due to my extreme laziness my guest room is a currently sporting the empty frame look, as I am trying to decide on arrangement/placement of art!!

  8. I love you! All of you. Want a fancier rug in my kitchen too and agree with everything. Painted frames. Huh? xoxo


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