Oct 3, 2014

Five on Friday- To Do's

1.  Not a pressing necessity, but I am longing for a rug in my kitchen.

Like this:


Or this:

Rugs USA is having one of their big sales, so I might need to start perusing their selection.

2.    In other home decor ideas, while on my slipcover lady's waiting list, I have started to change my mind about a recovering my loveseats in a nice neutral.  My innate love of color is creeping back in, and now I am thinking TURQUOISE!

Like this-

I need to make a  grand plan, and get my new-house decorating plan together.  Soon!

3.  Dell Harper, like most 2-3 year olds, loves to put up a good bed-time battle.  I am so exhausted by the time I finally exit her room.  This fun little toy seems like something that will really help her wind down.  A trip to the dollar store is in order for supplies!
4.  I signed up for a bunch of magazines on Zulilly a month ago, and they are starting to roll in.  Between that and the previous occupant's catalogs, my mailbox is an embarrassment of riches.  One new magazine is "Taste of the South"- I've always enjoyed their recipes from the random issues I've picked up.   I am planning on mkaing this slightly healthified pumpkin bread when my in-laws come in town this weekend.

5.  Another new-to-me magazine is "Country Living".  I need to have a dinner party just to give this place setting a try.

Excuse the iPhone pics.

So that's my (optional and fun) to-do list.  Much better than laundry and the grocery store on this rainy day.

Happy to be back and linking up with the lovely ladies from Five on Friday!  Have a wonderful weekend! And Go Vols! And Go Dawgs!


  1. LOVE the turquoise, it's such a calming color that allows for other wonderful accent colors too. Very pretty! Happy Weekend!

  2. girl...you have some amazing, classy style. so glad to have found your blog via 5 on friday! i wanted to make sure you had a chance to link up for oh hey, friday! too...if you want, we'd absolutely love to have you. regardless...new reader! http://farmerbell.blogspot.com

  3. This is way better than laundry or grocery shopping! I love the turquoise! I love long rugs in kitchens so I say yes, you need one!
    Stopping by from 5 on Friday!

  4. On top of all of the other half-assed home decor projects I've got going on, those corn-stamped napkins have to make it into the pile! What a unique way to spice up dinner napkins!!

  5. Stopping by from the link-up! Love the idea of turquoise slip covers!! Making pumpkin flavored items is on my list this weekend as well, hope everything turns out great!

  6. Ooo love the rig options! Such a pretty and fun style. Have a great weekend!

  7. Those rugs are so fun and pretty! They look like something you could find on Lulu and Georgia! I need to make that toy too because bedtime has turned into wild time at our house these days! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  8. The turquoise would be amazing! I found a vintage kilm rug on ebay for $75 for our kitchen. It looks really similar to the styles you posted above. I was a little skeptical about buying on ebay but I love the rug!


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