Oct 7, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Today and yesterday have just been those kind of days- when nothing particularly awful happens, but everything takes twice was long as it should, yet you can't get a thing accomplished.  This comes on the tail of a lovely family weekend, so I will focus on that instead.

 Morgan's sister, brother, nephew, and dad, and friend were all in town for Coach's induction into the Tennessee School for the Deaf's Hall of Fame.  He taught and coached there in the early 60's, straight out of grad school.

Watching him sign and speak his acceptance speech was incredibly moving.  I was also highly entertained by the number of gray-haired, giggling women who approached him- their former driver's ed teacher.  Who was roughly 22-23 at the time to their 16-17- that explains the giggles and blushes.  Hee.

The kiddos were thrilled to have their cousin in town.  Dell Harper was frequently heard saying "Chase is sooo cool, Mama".  

We hit up a princess party Sunday afternoon.

Then I got to feel like an adult and go to a nice birthday girls' dinner for a friend.  Lovely.

In other news Dell Harper got her first haircut- she was very intent, and enjoyed it.

Deeds love grocery shopping, and practically danced out of the cart at Trader Joe's.  It was adorable, and I understood the feeling, as Wilson Pickett was playing.

Now, my day did improve yesterday with a dinner of good cheddar, buttered toast, and a honey crisp apple, along with a bowl of Ellie Krieger's lemon chicken orzo soup.  Various versions of this are floating around the web- I really enjoy this one, with its addition of egg for a touch of subtle creaminess.  Double the veggies, and use shredded chicken thighs, and homemade stock for ultimate taste.

Also, I ate my own weight in garlic ciabatta bread Friday night with our spaghetti dinner.  I use Ina Garten's recipe- find it here.
I use basil instead of oregano, and use very heaping cups of the herbs.  All that green makes it healthy, right?  Good gracious, that stuff is just dripping in oil and deliciousness.

 And finally some gratuitous pictures of my kiddos.

Okay, back to actual work.  Really, I just want to watch The Mindy Project and go to bed.  I had a garden club meeting today, and a fun luncheon tomorrow, so I am feeling very social and not at all responsible.  These are the times when kids' lunches are not packed, and laundry remains in the hamper for all eternity.  Dangerous for upholding my perfect wife and mother reputation.  Which exists solely in my head when I am feeling put-upon and matyr-ish.


  1. Great minds on the soup! Tell me about the scooter... I think Santa might be delivering something of that sort to our house this December...

  2. Green = vegetable. Bless you for bringing such a healthy, hearty dish to the table.

  3. Haha! Love your ending paragraph! Your writing always makes me smile.... Thank you!

  4. Ohhhhh a Girls dinner. I miss those and should force my friends to do more of them. And Deeds' outfit is sooo cute. I think I'm going to have an emotional explosion watching my soon to be daughter and son play with eachother!


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