Oct 9, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday

  • I am really excited about seeing Gone Girl.  I don't know when it will happen, but I am determined to make it to the theater.

  • I had a meeting on Tuesday and a luncheon on Wednesday, both of which I had to look presentable for.  Unfortunately, the groups overlapped so I couldn't re-wear an outfit.  Difficult!

  • This is completely unrelated to anything, but how weird is it that most Hollywood actors and Kardashian type people didn't graduate from college?  Or even attend?  Here's an interesting article about that very issue.  Maybe I live in a bubble, but I went to (non-suburban) public school all of my life, and most people I know at least attended junior or technical colleges- even if on the strength of a GED versus a high school diploma.  Just something I think about in all my spare time- the pressing, critical issue of lack of higher education among elite celebrities.

  • While getting dressed for the aforementioned luncheon, Deeds was napping and DH playing.  Quietly. It grew worrisome, so I sneaked a peek.  She had discovered a tub of sprinkles in the pantry, and was happily munching away.  "I a little hun-gy, Mama.  I found deese spinkles to eat!"  Said sprinkles are hell to clean up off the floor.

  • Deeds just wore his first pair of shoes.  Generally, I am not a huge fan of shoes on pre-walking babies (proper foot development and what-not), but  I had to try these out.  Darling, and he loved them.

  • Trying to decide which fabric to slipcover my loveseats in- Morgan nixed the turquoise.  Sigh.
  • This came on the radio today.  I was instantly back in Athens, driving our extremely complex carpool system that prevented any sort of walking to class, wearing boot-cut Seven jeans and plotting happy hours.  OutKast, come back.

    So that's it.  The current contents of my brain.  Linking up with East Coast Chic and The Home of Malones for Thoughts for Thursday!

Thoughts for Thursday


  1. Totally guilty of re-wearing the same clothes repeatedly over here. I especially do it when I find a great cozy yet stylish outfit!

    Also...the sprinkles story is cracking me up :) I once did this with marshmallows in the pantry as a kid and got a big lecture about sweets!

  2. Love the sprinkles story! The other day I walked into the kitchen to find my toddler munching away on a raw onion.. The sprinkles sound much tastier!

  3. Gosh I wish you lived close by. I have a huge 13 yard bolt of fabric that matches exactly to the swatch on the far right that I have no idea what to do with and you could have it. Sadly I don't think shipping said 13 yards would be very cost effective.


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