Oct 1, 2014

Descent into Mommy Blogging

After a weekend, my camera used to be filled with pictures of my friends and me.  Now?  It's my children and their friends.  My friends are present, but we don't make any of the pictures.  I need to remedy this.

 We had a big time at Greekfest this weekend.  We left Deeds at home Friday night, and took Dell Harper, since she can stay up past 7 PM.  However, she was having a meltdown due to lack of a nap.  I let her have ice cream, these delicious fried doughnut ball thingies that are dipped in honey, and a cookie.  Her spirits revived, she rallied to have an excellent evening.  Obviously, my parenting skills are  top-notch.
 While I was chatting to my friends, she dashed off- I wound through the crowd in chase, looking for her in vain.  Finally I spotted her- sitting on the edge of the stage, watching the dancing like a perfect little miss.
 I think she was inspired- nothing like a dance party with your buddies.
 We all braved it again Saturday night (I hadn't sampled my annual pastichio).  I brought Deeds along in the Baby Bjorn.  UGA friends, please note, Morgan dressed Dell Harper while I took a lay-down during Deeds' morning nap.  We watched the game at a friends' house.  During nap time, all five of the little girls snuggled together in the bed and watched the Little Mermaid.  It looked delightful.

 Cookie decorating- Dell Harper grabbed the sprinkle shaker and almost licked it before I jerked it out of her hand- it was a close one.

 Sunday was a birthday party.  As usual, my child was the first to sing happy birthday, and possibly photo bombed any blowing out the candles pictures, due to her desire for cake.  Sorry, Leigha!

Other items of (little to no) importance:

 Um, I am obsessed with this self-portrait of Dell Harper.  It cracks me up.  The girl's obviously incredibly talented.
 These dimpled baby hands?  I want to hold them forever.

Watching them play together is such a joy.

Good Lord- this formerly (slightly) interesting recipe and entertaining blog is going straight mommy.  Gag me.  I will do better.  Note to self- take pictures of things other than my kids.


  1. I know how you feel. I lament the loss of the non-child relating posting (and living) I used to do. But we write what we know. And I enjoy reading about you and your little ones. Dell Harper's self portrait is a keeper, for sure!

  2. I love it! Could your kids be any cuter? I doubt it. DH's portrait is awesome. I wish she had licked the sugar shaker.

  3. I love seeing all the pics of the children! I miss the recipes but the cutie pics are just fine too ;) Enjoy the weekend ahead and Go Dawgs!


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