Oct 13, 2014

Weekend Roundup

So, guess what we did this weekend?  Ha, if you guessed went to birthday parties, you would be correct!

Our first party Friday evening was very special- my niece Charlotte's very first birthday!

Trying to get all the cousins to quit playing and look was impossible.

Maybe I could somehow photoshop all three pics together.

Look how delicately she approached her cake- such ladylike manners! 

 She got a little coaching from her parents.  The party was spectacular, and all the guests had a lovely time despite the rain.  Unfortunately, my two turned into pumpkins before the party was over, and we had to dash home to make bedtimes.  Deeds is not a night owl.  Next time, I am getting a babysitter, or sending Morgan home with the children so I can enjoy some adult beverages with all of the other people.  Children can be very difficult on my ability to have an enjoyable conversation.  Hmmph.

 Saturday we ventured out to an event where DH got her face painted.  She is obsessed with face-painting/makeup application.  She becomes a statue.  If only she would be so still for pig-tail preparation.

 Deeds got plopped in the lap of a friend from church who happened to be there.  He was pleased about that, although rather concerned about his "pink skeery monster" of a sister.

 Said monster declared that Baby Deeds needed his face painted as well.  His was a little less elaborate, but no less darling- a little puppy dog. Please note that Morgan and I split the difference- one in orange, one in red (that had black smocked dogs across the chest, squee).

Morgan headed off to the football game and I was left with this-

 She decided to strip down and paint the rest of her body to match her face.  Middle of the day bath time!

 Things got pretty dicey post-Deeds nap, and DH rest on the couch.  Accidents tracked all over the house (potty-training is a bitch).  During a break in the non-stop rain, I loaded up the double stroller and took the kids for a mall walk.  This was sheer insanity on my part.  I could barely navigate the stroller it was so crowded.  When we passed the mall playground, DH accepted it calmly without protest when I told her it was too crowded and they weren't allowing more children in.  Anyway, after ten thousand rides on the glass elevator at Belk, Chick-fil-a at the food court, and purchase of a Frozen t-shirt, we headed back home.

After getting everyone to bed (we are back to the toddler bedtime battle, more on that later), I ran from the house screaming.

Not really.

Maybe a little.  Anyway,  I have been in clothes shopping lockdown in the interest of all the stuff needed for the house and you know, paying our mortgage.  However, while browsing TJ Maxx for some kid stuff, I happened upon these Rag and Bone skinny jeans.

Morgan scoffed at me when I justified my bargain purchase by proclaiming my lack of pants/fall or winter clothing.  He backed down a bit when I reminded him that I have been pregnant 2 out of the last 3 fall or winters, and have no clothes that fit.  He did ask where my fall/winter clothes from 5 years ago are, and why I can't wear those?  Ha! Men just do not understand the concept of changing style.
 Just had to show y'all the mountain and burning bush we made for my Sunday school class- "Moses" took off his shoes and scaled it.  Pretty cute!

 After Sunday afternoon naps for all (the best moment of the week), Morgan got to take DH to a bowling party!  Frankly, I was rather jealous, but his bowling skills exceed my nonexistent ones, so he drew party duty while I had Deeds.  A bowling alley is no place for a crawling baby.  The now defunct bowling alley closest to our high school used to sell us pitchers of beer when we were in high school.  I tremble to think of the party gravy covering that floor.

Did you make it through to the end?  In case there was some skimming, here's the gist- kids' birthday parties, family time, wash, rinse, repeat.  I do get to have some adult time and see Gone Girl tonight with a girlfriend!  Soooooooooooo excited.  Wonder if I got a babysitter if I could re-read the book before our viewing tonight.  Hmmmm.


  1. That face paint monster is hilarious and terrifying all at once! Also, enjoy Gone Girl! We got a sitter and went Saturday night and I was really pleased. I thought the casting was great!

  2. I had a Literal LOL Moment with that naked DH monster photo! Hysterical!

    We saw Gone Girl this weekend and loved it -- enjoy your evening out!

  3. I came across your blog from the Friday link-up a cpl weeks ago... You crack me up! Love your raw honesty & potty training & lack of true adult time parenting can take up. We're soon to have our first & I'm desperately trying to do as much "me" & "just the 2 of us" stuff as possible!!


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