Mar 4, 2014

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Yellow has always been one of my favorite colors, especially for home decor.  My childhood bedroom was the perfect shade of yellow, dubbed "garlic butter" or the like.  I loved it.  I drew away from yellow a bit in the last few years, since every wall and ceiling in our house was painted the same dingy yellow.  It began to feel like the walls were closing in.  Now it only remains in the hallway walls, and living room and dining room walls and ceilings.  I can feel free to love my yellow floral sofa, yellow dining room rug, and gold damask covered chair again.  Oh, and new brown and mustard animal print chairs.

So some inspiration. . .

I am just dying to cook in this kitchen.  Yellow cabinets?  Yes, please! The color of butter, mustard, and eggs?  Perfect!  Wouldn't you just be thrilled to groggily wander in here and make your first cup of coffee in the morning?

From here

I love the warmth of the brick floors as well- throw a Persian rug or kilim under that table, and we're in business.

The always fabulous Jamie Meares nails it once again with the slightly neutral buttery walls of this family room-

From here.

And finally, I would never attempt this since I have small messy creatures living in my home, and little desire to throw money out the window, but is this sunny yellow velvet not just scrumptious?

From here.

That's going in the empty nest files for sure.  Or maybe with the help of some scotch-guard it could happen in the next 20 years.

Are you a yellow person?  I feel like it might be more divisive than I realize- I think my color taste is very different from most people.  I'm a red and yellow kind of gal, and not much of a blue fan.


  1. I love love love it. In our Someday House Kitchen, I want fresh colors like yellow and orange. Plus, "buttery yellow" makes me think of chardonnay so I love it! :)

  2. I'm a huge yellow fan! My childhood bedroom is also yellow, and our play room is yellow, although I have a sneaking suspicion I didn't get the shade quiiiiiiiite right. And I'm still pretty obsessed with our 5 year old yellow paisley duvet, even though E proclaimed to be "over it" last weekend (whaaaaaaa? BLASPHEMY!).

    I would die for those yellow kitchen cabinets!


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