Mar 9, 2014

What's Going On

We had a delightful little weekend- activity and sunshine filled.  Dell Harper was busy attending birthday parties, and I even managed to get both kids to Sunday School and church solo.  Deeds enjoyed his first sojourn in the nursery and got loaded up with milk.  We were only 30 minutes late, ha!

I had grand plans for him to wear this darling little outfit scored off Zulilly.  Unfortunately, getting Miss Priss and myself dressed was about all I could handle.  He wore his pjs, which he promptly was changed out of due to a leaky diaper.  I was very proud of myself for having a change of clothes for him in the diaper bag.  Super mom, right?

DH had a blast Friday night playing with Buddy and a big box.  

 She is dying of laughter here.  Why do I even buy toys?

This interlude allowed me to get ready to meet Morgan out for a work dinner- his company owns the new Lilly Pulitzer store here in town.  I made it a little more than halfway through the dinner before excusing myself.  I teeter between feeling very together and energetic, or exhausted and a complete mess.  Life with a newborn and a toddler!

 The Lilly store had its grand opening on Saturday.  We hit it up after one of Dell Harper's friend's birthday party.  I couldn't resist this little number for Miss Priss.  She accessorized herself- picking out her own shoes and necklace.  The girl's got style.

Morgan took Miss Priss to birthday party number #2 Sunday afternoon, and I got to spend some quality time with my buddies- one little and one furry.

 In other news (is this the longest post ever?), both DH and I had big doctor's appointments this week.

 We all went to her 2 year old appointment- such fun!  She is still an unlikely giant given the rather lowly heights of her parents.  Poor thing, she is going to be bummed when she reaches her full height in third grade or something.  I had to try the height predictor now that she is two (36 inches tall, and 33 pounds of sass).  It says that she has a 90% chance of being between 5' 7" and 5" 11".  I'll wager her being in that 10%.

 Excuse the hilarious, cheesy picture, but Deeds and I went in for my checkup last week as well.  My doctor (who is a good friend), started dying laughing when she walked in.  Have I told y'all that one of Morgan and my closest friends' had a little boy the same day, same doctor, and same hospital as us?  It was so fun- our rooms were next to each other and our c-sections were back to back.

Anyway, Leighann had her appointment 45 minutes before mine, and was sporting the exact same outfit- same scarf, same Uggs, everything.  Our doctor must have felt a sense of deja vu- she immediately had me text her this pic.

I mean, I think I am ready to become a fashion blogger.  I got moves, and mad street style.  Or perhaps I should leave that to Dell Harper.  Deeds was a lovely little guy, and slept right through my appointment.  He is a sweetheart, and a far easier baby than his sister to deal with.  Of course, she cried unless she was actively being played with, outside or asleep for the first six months of her life, so Deeds has a pretty low bar. . .

Oh, but I am cleared to start exercising again.  The scale has not moved (well, except for a slight uptick) since the first week I returned from the hospital.  My midsection feels inflated, so I am ready to get moving.  My beloved Jazzercise is on hold for a couple weeks until I am fully healed.  However, in the mean time I am going to try out some barre classes.  Any thoughts out there on this workout?

Okay, I'm finally out of pictures on my phone.  Hope everyone had a delightful time soaking up the sun this weekend!


  1. So glad to hear you're feeling and doing well, even with all of the exhausted moments :)

  2. Looks like you're already a pro at this mom of two business!

  3. You look fabulous. Jerk :) DH in her Lilly makes me feel springy! She is such a doll with Buddy in the box!! Do you think it is odd that we both have giant kiddos? I mean seriously. They are like twins and I think have the same stats......

  4. How cute is that Zulilly outfit and DH’s Lilly dress! Love them both.

  5. I'm addicted to Pure Barre! While it isn't overly cardiovascularly (sp?) challenging I really enjoy the isometric training and "toning"! It isn't a light workout by any means...can we say 90 second planks! Ouch! I'd recommend it though. Especially if you are getting back into exercising and your jazzercise is coming back soon! I think that you'll like it as cross training with that. BTDubs...that DH is adorable!


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