Mar 19, 2014


So I went there.  Against my better judgment and knowledge of what sodium does to my cheekbones, I went there.

I unearthed some onion soup mix, cream of mushroom soup (which one should always have on hand), and a can of 7-UP. Ran to the Kroger for some chuck and egg noodles.

I followed the instructions precisely, resisting the urge to season the meat or throw in some actual mushrooms.  I refrained from opening the door.  Instead I watched this girl gleefully scatter all my leaves and monkey grass trimmings across the yard.  The yard which was just cleared of all leaves and dead monkey grass.

Apparently Buddy does not like having leaves thrown all over him.  You never know- he loves a good roll in deer poop.  I would have thought leaves would not even register to someone who eats banana peels.

So we made our way inside to find Morgan home from work and opening the oven.  I hollered at the top of my lungs "SHUT THE OVEN!!!! WHAT WOULD POSSESS YOU TO DO THAT!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!".

Frightened of his banshee wife, he quickly slammed the oven door shut, as I jabbed at the recipe and waved it in his face.  Luckily, the four hours was really up, so it was fine.  Sorry for acting the fool, Morgan.  I cooked some egg noodles and tossed them with a bit of butter and made a salad (health-first, here), while the beef tips sat the prescribed thirty minutes.

 And voila! Easy Beef Tips with (very little actual) Mushroom Sauce.

They were good!  I wouldn't serve them to company or anything, but for a toddler and a husband who is too nosy as to the contents of my oven for his own good?  Perfect.  Seriously, for one of those days when actually chopping or stirring seems much too arduous, this is good comfort food. Next time I will throw a pack of pre-sliced button mushrooms into the casserole.

And maybe put a note of the oven.


 Wonder how many chemicals are contained in three simple ingredients?  I figured they are why you can't open the oven door, so they can work their magic.  Science, y'all.


  1. The much anticipated review of Do Not Open the Oven Beef Tips! Love it. I want to make it and open the oven halfway through. REBEL.

  2. My secret shame is how much I love (but fortunately can no longer eat) Hamburger Helper beef stronganhoff. This makes me crave that big time.

  3. I've been waiting for this one! I'm glad Morgan survived the opening of the oven door, because who knows what could have happened (hehe). Looks a lot like Beef Stroganoff, and sounds delicious for a cold night.


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