Mar 21, 2014

Five on Friday

1.  HURRAH!  It's officially spring.  Although the weather seems very commitment-phobic about sticking with spring-like temperatures.  Put a ring on it, Mother Nature!  It's time to break off any lingering feelings toward Winter, and commit to Spring.

Until then, I'm going to fake it til I make it.  Miss Priss told me that she wants to "Pay out-sigh all day, Mama!".  I'm with ya, sugar.  Poor Deeds is content in the Baby Bjorn except for the fact that I make him wear a hat.  You know, since there is arctic winds and he's six weeks old.

2.  WIth all this standing outside, I am ready to get my hands dirty and do my weeding and work on my containers and beds.  Oh, they are in a wretched condition.  Too bad you can't harvest the wild spring onions that are the only things currently alive (weed kind, not eating kind).  Cleaning them up would be infinitely more fun with this gardening apron from Etsy.

Also, I have been bookmarking lots of container ideas from Southern Living.  I can't wait to get to the nursery and peruse the offerings.

3.  I also need to do some major refreshing outside.  This checklist wil hopefully keep me on task.  I get majorly distracted outside- "Oooh, there's our neighbor, time for a chat, okay, dig some weeds, now lay in the grass and stare at tree branches, or rest my eyes a bit" and before I know it nap time is over (the kids' and my inadvertent one), and three weeds have been pulled.

4.  We're going out to dinner tonight, and I plan on sporting some white jeans (if I can squeeze into them, that is.)  I would love for a magical fairy godmother to bring me this top from J. Crew to wear with them.

Sigh.  It's so pretty.

5.  Regarding spring attire, both my mother and husband brought up the fact that I got some ghostly white legs right now.  I love how we all pretend that they will change color over the summer.  Come August I'll still be ghostly pale.  However, with the baring of flesh some color is needed to camouflage, especially with a post baby bod.  How long do I get to use that excuse?  Hopefully all summer.

Anyway, I was thrilled to read about this affordable and natural looking self-tanner on Maskcara-

I hope y'all have a wonderful, warm weekend.  We are off to meet friends at the playground and take advantage of the sunshine!  Deeds might not even be forced to wear a hat!  I might bare my white trash legs.  Spring fever, baby!

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