Mar 28, 2014

Five on Friday

1.  A New Do!

I cut about six inches off my hair yesterday.  I feel so light and spunky- I love it!  Also, no more baby yanking what precious hair I have left, or it getting all tangled up in the Baby Bjorn.  Heaven! Do y'all spy afore-mentioned hair yanker above?  Such a cutie. So the new look air dries and is super low maintenance- just what these curls needed.  I am thrilled.

2.  Almond Nut Thins

Go buy these.  They are in the cookie/cracker aisle in my Kroger- with the fancy cookies/biscotti.  This lack of chocolate thing has been tough, as my sweet tooth is in full effect.  Thanks, nursing hormones.  These are barely sweet, but cure a craving.  Each pack is a minuscule hundred calories, and there are 4 crisps/cookies in each pack.  Delicious- they taste like thin biscotti.  YUM!

3.  "Broken" Television and 4. Water Paints

 So, I made the executive decision that Miss Priss was addicted to tv, and we needed to shut it down.  This is completely unfair, as I am the one addicted to the peace Nick Jr. can bring to my day.   I was saying yes every time she wanted a show.  Time to ditch the crutch.

 "Okay, tv broken.  (pause) Movie, mama?  I watch movie?!"  Don't you love the hopeful gleam in her big blue eyes?

Instead of caving I hit up AC Moore and pulled out the big guns.  Water paints!  These really are so fun-

We have been creating some masterpieces while avoiding brain rot from too much tv.  Thanks Melissa and Doug- y'all really are the best.

An episode of "Fi-fi First" was watched with her Daddy tonight while I dealt with Deeds, and I caved for an episode of Super Why the other morning while I pumped and got dressed.  The first day was rough, going cold turkey, but after three days it has been a wonderful change. She is still going to have her Friday night movie and picnic on the floor though.  Got to have some treats!

5.  Easter Egg Cardigans

Speaking of treats, get thee to a Sears and buy these Lands End cardigans.  They are amazing! The perfect weight to ward off a spring chill, they are cut at just the right length.

Ignore the blah styling in these pictures, and go check them out!  They are on sale right now.  I want one in every color.  They look like Easter eggs.

Thanks for hosting, ladies!


  1. love your list girl :) stopping by from the Five on Friday link up! Your blog is super cute :) Hope you check mine out as well!

  2. Air dried hair that looks that awesome - you've hit the motherload my friend! I love it! And those water paints look great - I need to pick some up for B. We could use some new art activities - I'm tired of picking play-doh out of the kitchen chairs. :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Water paints are a lifesaver! You reminded me I need to find some new ones. Happy Friday!

  4. Your hair looks awesome! I haven't tried those kind of water paints, but shall start looking into them. SS doesn't like tv. I know that is supposed to be all awesome and stuff, but sometimes I really just want her to sit down and watch something.

  5. Loving the hair!!! (Also... Weird spam up there?)

  6. i am LOVING the new hair cut suits you so well and perfect for summer coming up, too!! props to you on the no-TV, as i digress i am so guilty of letting CC watch it too so i can have a breather. bad momma over here. and p.s. this post just made me miss AC Moore- we dont have one in Nashville :(

  7. Happy Friday + Hello from the link up! Your hair looks fabulous! ;) The snapshot of your little cutie pie with paint brush in hand and a big ol' smile on her first is oh so sweet! Wishing you and your fam a lovely weekend!!

  8. Great hair cut! Hair that can air dry is such a jem! I'm the same with the TV. That hour of Sesame Street come Saturday am is the only way my bathrooms ever get clean!

  9. your hair looks amazing! love it. and your little girl, so adorable.

  10. Your hair, your hair, it is AMAZING! Absolutely love it! It's so you.

    And I miss the old days of "paint with water" - glad to see those are still around!

  11. Love it, you hair is adorable!!

  12. I LOVE Your hair! And we use tv too much too.....I'm going to cut it down to 6:30am-7:30am and 7-8pm on weeknights. That is winning right??


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