May 14, 2010

Derby Days

As MOH, Tins, respective bf's, Hubs and I head to Mississippi for the first wedding of the season, I thought I'd show y'all my Derby Day.

At the Derby party we attended, seersucker was the attire- as evidenced by the guys.

Our hostess's racing themed J. McLaughlin dress was TDF!  Husb would not let me take a picture of us, since we were matching in our seersucker. 

After a mint julep (or a few in Hubs' case), we headed to shower for my fake (and MOH's real) little sister, Paige.  Hubs was supposed to attend a shower for our friends who's wedding we are en route to.  However, the mint juleps intervened in my divide and conquer plan.
Me and Paige.

Mint Juleps plus white wine.  Trouble indeed.

We are all staying at the Old Waverly, and I am so excited about a weekend with all my best childhood friends.  I'm sure I will be back exhausted with loads of stories (and a bit of the cocktail flu).


  1. Cute dress! Also, love how "tan" you're getting these days!

  2. I LOVE the clothes especially your fabulous dress! And of course the boys look adorably classic - great, fun pics with your friends!!


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