May 13, 2010

Update on the Critter Conflict

Oh yeah, the mouse is going down.  Or rather, going nowhere, as its feet will be stuck to a glue pad.  A glue pad which Hubs will have to take care of when he gets back in town.  I figure since I got crawled on, all other varmint duties fall to him.

MOH was ready to lay down the gauntlet though, as we progressed from guest bathroom to the scene of the crime.

She gathered weapons to battle the wee mouse.

Scary, right?

I hid a multitude of glue traps under my dresser, where the mouse escaped after recovery from its concussion.

My assistant suggested one of the no-kill traps.  Ha- so I can set Muffy free so she can reburrow in my pink terrycloth robe? I think not, animal lovers.  Don't violate my comfy robe!  (note to self- wash that thing tonight!)

We're waiting for you now. . .

I was very disturbed to discover that mice can eat wool.  Oh if my clothing is messed with, the vermin is going down!  I slept with practically all the lights on last night in order to mess up any rodents' nocturnal activities. 

Take that mouse that could fit in the palm of my hand! 

I ain't scared. . . to sleep with all the lights on and take pictures of you with my Blackberry.


  1. you're too funny! bonne chance!

    ps. love your shower curtain. where's it from?

  2. okay here's the thing...DON'T USE THE GLUE PADS!! I thought it was the way to go until I caught the mouse. It started SCREAMING and then pooped all over itself from fright and started started chewing on his was bleeding all over. It was so bad. The ending is even worse so I will spare you. Just get the old fashioned traps so it dies right away or get the no kill traps and set it free near your worst enemies house, but the glue pads are not the way to go...the scene still haunts me!

  3. I remember when I saw one in our basement scurry up the pipes. I screamed, picked my son up and ran up the stairs. I would have a total freak-out if one jumped out of my robe. Good luck in your mouse hunt!

  4. Oh my gosh. I was about to comment but I just read Miss Brightside's comment and almost cried. I was going to say "mouse shmouse!" Who cares about a silly mouse? But I don't want it to poop and vomit every where!

    When I was growing up we lived out in the country and a mouse got in our kitchen. My dad and brother used the glue traps to get it, but once it was caught they had to kill it. So..... Stop reading if you don't want to hear this.

    They put the mouse and trap in a paper bag and dropped a brick on it.

    But y'all look hilarious trying to catch that sucker!

    And I love your floors!

  5. You are so taking me back down Mousy Memory Lane with this predicament of yours! Here's a story you'll appreciate: Back in the freshman dorm, sight of the mouse infestation I told you about yesterday, my dad was visiting on his way up to Maine for a business trip. We were all hanging out in our common room when a mouse ran right out from under the bookcase, across the group of us, and into the bathroom. (Those suckers were BOLD.) We all immediately started screaming, per usual. My dad (my awesome, grew up on a farm, totally mellow, super-cool dad) steps forward, says "I'll be back," and calmly walks into the bathroom and shuts the door behind him. For a solid two minutes, we hear every sort of clanging and banging known to man, then a flush. The door opens, my dad walks out of the bathroom, nods at us, and simply announces, "All set."

    One of only a couple reasons it'd be nice for your parents to live in your dorm WITH YOU. Groceries and mouse murdering.


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