May 28, 2010

Blonde Moments

Whatever your hair color, we all have them- some more than others (I'm definitely in the more category).  So in honor of the fact that I'm getting to spend Memorial Day weekend at the beach with one of my favorite blondes, Abby D., I present to you two hilarious blonde moments told at a dinner party I attended last week.
(all names will be kept confidential to protect the blondes).

#1.  L's Orchid

So our hostess Friday night, L., started getting teased about an orchid, with everyone shouting to bring it outside where we were enjoying cocktails before dinner.  She sheepishly did so, grinning and blushing.  Why was the orchid such a big deal? 

L. lovingly watered it for a year, nurturing the beautiful blooms of the orchid.  In fact, she did so well with the orchid that it bloomed for an entire year.

Because it was fake. 

L. watered a silk orchid for a year, while her husband silently giggled as water pooled around the top of the pot.  He finally told her, and the orchid sits on top of their mantelpiece.  At L's wedding the orchid was compared to her and husband's love- forever undying.  Hee.

#2-  J.'s "Clean " Clothes

I especially loved this one, as J. is extremely put together, neat and tidy, organized to a t, has a thank you note in the mail before she's even opened a gift type of gal.  That makes her story even funnier.

Her younger sister visits, and stays with J. and her husband for a week.  She is doing some laundry and asks J. where the detergent is.  J. replies that it's on the shelf in front of her.  They tiff back and forth, as close sisters are wont to do.  Finally, J's sister marches the bottle so-called detergent in front of J. and says "This is not detergent.  This is fabric softener!"

J.  washed her and her husbands clothes with fabric softener for a year!  Someone who uses hand sanitizer like it's going out of style had been wearing dirty underpants for a year!  Haaaaaahahahahahaah- I am cracking up right now just thinking about it.

I can't think of any good ones to tell on myself right now, but I know y'all have some for me!  Entertain me as I drive to the beach- let's hear those blonde (and brunette and ginger) moments!


  1. HA! Love those stories! I could only figure out the main character in one of them due to some obscure fb posts I'd read and not understood at the time! Y'all have a blast at the beach!

  2. OMG!! Great stories. I hope you have a fabulous time at the beach.

  3. My roommate from freshman year of college did the EXACT same thing with the fabric softener! She didn't know until we went shopping for detergent one day and I told her. She's a brunette but that was definitely a blonde moment!

  4. Here's my most embarrassing ginger moment ever.

  5. These stories remind me of the time that I mistook fabric guard for the stuff that you spray on your clothes with you are ironing! Needless to say I waterproofed all my clothes . . oppsies :)

  6. Let us refer to this post as to why us redheads have blonde moments too (although, I still think I was right!):

    Also, I say stuff and then my husband "corrects" me because he doesn't want me to say it front of other people and have them think I'm stupid. Which I appreciate and all, but, really? Like when I said (jokingly) that Kenyan runners obviously get so fast because they grew up running from lions--am not allowed to say that anymore. Because it's "obviously not true"--but, I think everyone would get that it's a joke and think it's funny?!? Because come on, they run like a 3 minute mile--that's not normal!!!

    OK, Ginger rant over.

    Have a fabulous time at the beach you lucky lady!

  7. Ok - so I went to the store yesterday to get detergant. I came out with Fabric Softener and I washed my clothes with it - like 4 loads until I realized it was NOT detergant. Opps! Funny Post!

  8. Oh awesome!! I don't know which is my favorite - both hilarious! I love that no one told her about the orchid. :)

  9. haha i love the flower story. i used to think guam was a figure of speech and not an actual place.


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