May 7, 2010


So hopefully this Friday will be as interesting as my Friday two weeks ago. So AK and I are having a few drinks before the Opera with some friends on the Strip (UT's main drag).  I had decided that we should take a cab, as there was a parade happening downtown resulting in a severe lack of parking.  So we have the bartender call us a cab, and watchfully wait.  I'm getting a bit anxious about our arrival- I am a punctual person and detest being late.  Finally, a cab comes, and I run out to it and open the door. . .to find a fat drunk man.  Okay. . .then I notice the two cop cars next to the cab.  Police officers immediately have me shut the door, and tell me that this man is taking the cab or going to jail.

"But, I'm going to be late to the Opera" I cry, "This is my cab I called."

Keep in mind y'all, this is Knoxville.  No way that we could hail another cab, unless we had a good forty-five minutes to stare at Cumberland Avenue.

However, AK is on it!  She boldly tell the (younger, cuter) policeman, that he should give us a ride to the Opera, since they put some fat drunk guy in our ride.  He thinks about it, and surprisingly agreed.  His partner was not happy.

This being the first time we have ever been in the back of a cop car, AK and I are pretty excited and intrigued.

The cops do not enjoy our tourist-like picture taking.

The best part was the dinner our driver's wife had packed him-
PB&J, baby!

I was secretly hoping that some of the more, ahem, stick up their ass, prudish board members would be outside the theater when the Opera's lawyer arrived in the back of the cop car.  Sadly, no one noticed us because of the parade.

We actually saved some moolah, since the police escort, although a bit uncomfortable, was free.  We tried to give them a tip, but apparently that's a bit frowned upon.

Although it was a great, I have been defintiely knocking on wood that it will be the only time I ride in the back of a police vehicle!


  1. how funny! so these are the kinds of shenanigans you can get into when your husband is away and you don't have little munchkins yet! totally jealous! haha

  2. This is amazing!! I love it. I am sad that the stuffy boardmembers didn't see you! They would have fainted!
    Did you know I know AK? Random.

  3. This cracks me up--I love it. Pure genius!

  4. LOVE how you tried to tips the cops. Hilarious!

  5. Love this! I pulled the same stunt coming home from downtown Lexington while I was in college..."But officer, there aren't any cabs..Okay, I guess we'll just walk home alone..." Sure enough they gave us a ride and then I proceeded to invite them to our tailgate the next day!

  6. Too funny! The first picture says it all that you weren't in any trouble. I would never have the gumption to do that!

  7. hahaha i love it!! the pictures crack me up!

  8. Another great story - you crack me up!

  9. oh my gosh I love that this happened! I mean obvi - it all worked out in the end which is a win but what a HILARIOUS story!!

  10. Ha! I am cracking up. Especially at your pictures.


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