May 25, 2010

A Nice Little Sunday

Hello lovies!  As some of you know, Sunday was my one year anniversary- so wild.  I can't believe I have been a staid old married lady for over a year now. It was pretty low-key, as we are celebrating at the Beach Barn next weekend.

After a chill Saturday night of tacos, and movies, I dashed out of Sunday school to take hubs to the airport.
Then flew back to church to see our friends' baby's baptism.  I contemplated what I would say if pulled over, and decided that if the police officer was a church-goer, I might get a warning . . .luckily no cops intervened, and I made it back just in time.

AK and I had a little post-church lunch, and mall shopping, then I headed to (y'all are going to die!)

Jazzercise!  Paige (fake little sister) had been raving about how much fun it is, so I joined her for a little grapevining, step ball changing, and even some sexy walking!  Ha- it was super fun though, and a great workout.  I'll be back to hopefully perfect my hip thrusting.

Finally, having warmed up my dance moves it was time for the Reverend.  Since Hubs had to be out of town for work, I went on our anniversary date with friends, which was far superior to sitting at home pouting.
Surrat and I- love the complementary colors, hate the fact that we resemble a Florida fan. 

Yum- we enjoyed the beautiful weather and excellent company with a couple pitchers of sangria- white for the girls, red for the fellas. Ours' was comprised of champagne, vodka, triple sec, peaches, white grapes, and apricots.  I am on a missions to recreate- any recipes out there?

Then Al Green.  There are no words. . .so I will let my blurry camera phone picture do the talking.

One thing I must mention that the pic leaves out- the Reverend had two males back up dancers/hype men.

Their moves?  Quite similar to the ones I learned in jazzercise earlier that day- maybe if I keep this jazzercise thing up, I might have a future!


  1. Happy belated anniversary!!! Glad you had a fun night with pals - MUCH better than being solo, you are right!

    ps: Mojito Maven makes a white sangria

  2. Happy Anniversary! Even if the hubs and you didn't get to celebrate on the day of. Have so much fun at the beach when y'all go.

    Also? I want to marry your blue dress. That is all.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Sorry you had to celebrate solo but it sounds like it was a great time. Hope your anniverary celebration next week is just as fun!

  4. And by "solo" I mean sans husband. Sorry. No coffee yet.

  5. Happy Anniversary - sorry you had to spend it without Hubs. My Hubby and I had one of those. Oh, well. You make up for it another day! BTW, where did you get your coral bag? Love it!

  6. Happy Anniversary! I NEED your entire concert outfit. Fabulous.
    Also, I am jealous you went to jazzercise...sounds fun!

  7. Yes, I must know where you found such a fine ensemble! It looks like it was a beautiful day there too. It has been so rainy here :(

  8. BAHAHA I love the Florida fan remark! I am so excited that my new house is walking distance to market square!

  9. Before your comment, I got excited because the picture looked like Gainesville on game day, and I LOVE IT!

    Happy Anniversary! I made an awesome white sangria the other day, it would be good to add champagne for a little sparkle.

  10. Happy Anniversary!!

    So, I own your blue dress in a wool fabric and wore it all winter with tights...after seeing how cute that looks on you, I'm contemplating buying your summer version when I saw it a few weeks ago...would that be wrong?

  11. Love it! Happy anniversary! haha I TOTALLY thought gators! when I saw the dresses - too cute - your necklace/dress are too cute!! I'm so glad you enjoyed Al Green - you're a lucky lady.

  12. Happy Anniversary!! Love your blog and glad that you and the hubs will get the chance to celebrate soon! :)


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