May 21, 2010

Take Me Out!

So after inhaling a pre-run fueling of pretzel m&m's (have y'all tried these marvelous delights?), I headed into the humidity for a hilly little run around my favorite park in town. 

One of my favorite reasons I brave the outdoor heat, and steep as all get out hills of this park is this-

I love the sound of aluminum bats cracking against balls, the dugout cheers, the parents hollering for their little league star- the sound of summer.  As you may imagine from descriptions of my coordination level, I was a horrible softball player- I mean I was walked (I was quite short as a child, as I did not reach my full stature of 5'4" with shoes on until practically college), or struck out every time I went to bat.  It was considered a victory when I hit a fly ball.  

Surprisingly, this did not scar me from the ball park- I mean it was THE childhood hangout!  I eventually became a scorekeeper, as I was far better at monitoring numbers than catching things.  It was the best in middle school where you could check out all your crushes, and cheer them on.


Americana at it's best- every time I start my run at the top of the hill, looking down upon this-

(That's the Tennessee River and the Great Smoky Mountains in the background.)  I swell with a deep sense of satisfaction that all is right in this world.  Pretty silly I know, but sometimes a little dose of Norman Rockwell come to life is what you need.

Do y'all have moments like that?  Also, I want to hear weekend plans!  I get to see my absolute hands down favorite-

The Reverend Al Green. . .last time I saw him it was 105 degrees outside in Atlanta.  Kinger and I were sweating our tails off, partially from the heat, and also because we were acting like tweens at a Justin Beiber concert (I was about to say Justin Timberlake, then realized I am getting elderly).  The Reverend was cool as a cucumber, strolling about the stage in a full tuxedo, carrying a red rose (swoon!).

I'm having heart palpitations just thinking about it. 


  1. Ahhh! I'm a huge Al Green fan, although my husband probably still wins out! This weekend we're doing belated mother's day with my mom Saturday and a lake trip Sunday with Austin's mom! Other than that - we're doing a few things around the house - should be relaxing!

  2. So impressed that you went out and ran in the icky icky heat and humidity. I die!

    Oh my gosh, in high school we would just park ourselves at the baseball field and watch boys. And pretend to understand what was going on. It was the place to be seen. And a really good place to get a tan, ya know? Ha. How I miss those silly days (only not really, HS kinda sucked).

    PS. Your comment on my post? Awesome. "I'm a hound dog, rooooo!"--I might say that to Ella Mae on a regular basis. Also? Your future daughter's name? LOVE IT (I won't steal it, don't worry).

  3. hooray for al green!

    and i cannot wait for hudson to play little league. i used to love going to todd's firm softball games just because it was so fun to just be there. not so much fun to take hudson now, but it'll be fun someday when he plays.

  4. What a beautiful setting for a park and little league field. The softball players were out in full force at the park while my daughter's soccer practice was going on. Ah, summer. Our weekend is full of soccer games, junior league workshop, racing at Churchill Downs and a cookout. Oh, and the finale of "Lost" Sunday night - yeah, we're "Lost" nerds :)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh Faye! I remember it like it was yesterday! You also forgot to mention our shrine???? Which the other day I tried to recover those pics from my old phone, thinking about going to AT&T and seeing what they can do. Not only did the Reverend not miss a beat he was in a tux! God I love that man and am devastated he isnt coming to atl this summer! Ps got teary eyed about the softball . . . . gah I love that game and what an amazing knoxvillian spot!Is that a word?

  6. Loving the Pretzal M&M's!

    I love going to the ballpark but do dread that awful heat once it finally hits.

    I'm having a give*away if you'd like to enter :)

  7. I completely agree about the sounds of baseball... just makes me happy and relaxed.


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