May 5, 2010

So Pucci

So back to the normal routine of frivolity and fun here at Spice and Sass.

So my aunt (mentioned yesterday) after graduating from Georgia, headed to Italy to do some nannying, modeling and art.  Nannying for some sort of royalty- rough life I know.  So Mama went to visit, and got to hang with Pucci himself, and play dress-up in his studio.  Personally, I would probably commit a misdemeanor for this opportunity.  Mama, not being much of a fashionista, is very blasé about the whole experience.  Although it was about 25 years ago, which adds to the nonchalance I suppose.

And of course, this being Knoxville, the whole deal was in the paper.  I began to say, times have dramatically changed, and my town is far too cosmopolitan for such occurrences to make the paper now. Then I remember I was the front page of the style section for wearing thrift store clothes ten years ago. Aunt Rach also designed the adorable card below, which read "How Bout Them Holidays?".  I long for a stack of these to send to all my Georgia friends, to remind them that I have not lost my red and black spirit here int he land of Orange.

I am coveting this evening dress and sequined jacket.  Mama said it weighed a ton with all the beading and what not.  So gorgeous.  Here's my aunt- sorry it's so blurry, I was trying to take pictures of the scrapbook and pet my dogs at the same time.

Funny story about my aunt- while after graduation from Georgia I was in Africa, she sent me an e-mil while reminiscing about her own post grad experiences abroad (as seen above).  Like many artists, my aunt was lost in rhapsodies of her own her experience as what not thinking, um, well realistically.  After telling me how my cousin saw the final taping of Friends, but he wouldn't spill what happened, she goes on to tell me that I shouldn't be homesick, as I needed to soak up every moment of my time abroad like she did.  When she lived in a villa. In Italy.  Nannying for royalty and modeling. 

Now, it's hilarious.  At the time- oh!  I was livid!  I had just cried in my squat outhouse (my only opportunity for privacy)  and still had a couple mile trek through mud to get home.

The best part is- that is exactly the advice I would give someone today- enjoy and embrace the experience.  Well, except for the dala-dala's.  Unless you want to embrace strange men sitting on your lap, with live chickens sitting on their lap.


  1. I love that the whole story was in the paper! The town where my grandmomma lives is so small that they STILL have a personals section. You know, like 'Mrs. So and so had a lovely visit with her grandchildren this weekend. They enjoyed church and sunday dinner before heading home to Augusta.' Wish the world were still like that!

  2. Ok i just died...meeting Pucci, that is unbelievable. Gotta love the hometown paper...

  3. Oh wow!!! That is so awesome!!! They look so beautiful and classy!! Love this!!! :)

  4. That's so neat! Also? Nannying for royals in a villa? In Italy? Obviously must have been a hard time :)

    Hope everything is OK with your aunt's house!

  5. Your mom looks beautiful! That is so cool and I can't believe I never knew this story until now! Wow that is awesome!!!


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