May 18, 2010

Down in Mississippi and Up to No Good!

Hubs graciously chauffeured us in my parents' mini-van (also known as the dog-mobile), to West Point Mississippi for an incredible wedding weekend.  We mainly drove through Alabama, where we saw a lot of this-

As a Tennessee and Georgia girl, I have to say no thank you on the hounds-tooth paraphernalia.  Although, due to her car-mates trickery, Peg drove down practically the entire way with a "Piss on Kiffin" bumper sticker on her vehicle- which ended up aiding their car in getting out a speeding ticket in Mississippi. 

We arrived at our lovely cottage which overlooked the golf course at Old Waverly, and got ready for dinner.  I thought Tins and I coordinated quite nicely with our green and black dresses.

MOH and DW at dinner- I had oysters on the half shell, a crab-meat remoulade with deviled eggs and seafood gumbo.  MOH detests both seafood and eggs, so my meal was complete Fear Factor for her.  I've tried to Sam-I-Am her several time, especially on sushi, but it's to no avail.

Then everyone got done toasting the wedding party and joined us- we had a big ole time!

It was so nice to see friends from all over- Stacy and Travis came in from Charleston, and others flew in from DC and NYC.  The Old Waverly was fab because we all had villas and cottages on the property.  We did some gold cart driving, and tromping around, but did not have to worry about cabs or driving around (although with all the preggo peeps in our group of friends, finding a designated driver is not an issue!).

I decided I could definitely live in Mississippi if I lived at Old Waverly.  Such statement was promptly laughed at as (a) most of the actual residents seemed quite elderly and (b) it's a resort- of course I would like to live there.  I'll save our pool extravaganza and wedding for tomorrow, so as to not produce a novel for this post alone. 

How was your weekend?  Has wedding season begun for you?


  1. Oh yes, wedding season seems to be never ending! It's ok though, cause I love it! Glad you had a great weekend!

  2. I have spent many a weekends at Waverly. I love it there! Don't confuse Mississippi with what you saw at Old Waverly though :) I'm from Mississippi and made the big move over to Alabama a few years ago. I try not to go back to Mississippi if I can help it :)

  3. Oh wedding season... isn't it great? You guys are really cute in this photo of you two.

  4. I loooooove your dress! It looks so wonderful on you!

  5. YES wedding season has begun in our household. But mostly because my fiance and I are getting married in two weeks!!

    And I have to say...I'm guilty. I also live in Alabama and have a houndstooth hat sticker on my car ;)


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