Aug 18, 2010

Awake Too Long Confessions

I had to take Hubs to the airport this morning for his flight to Napa for another wedding.  I'm disappointed that I can't go, but work is taking precedence over a five day wedding "weekend".  Sigh.

I cruised home through the fog (fogs in August=snows in December- White Christmas, anyone?), and pondered what I would tell y'all today (stuffed shell recipe comes tomorrow, don't fret).

It's time for another segment on how bizarre I am!  Whoohoo!

1.  Whenever I "sample" from the bulk candy bins at Fresh Market or Earthfare, I feel the need to put a thoughtful look on my face, as if I am simply trying to decide what type of pretzel (yogurt, peanut butter, chocolate-toffee, peanut butter-stuffed and chocolate-covered) to purchase.  This lessens my anxiety about getting busted taking a pretzel (usually yogurt).

2.  I love to listen to gospel music.  This started when I lived in Atlanta and V103 (The People's Station!) would play gospel on Sunday mornings.  I recently found the Praise channel on my satellite radio and have been in Bishop Eddie Long and Kirk Franklin heaven since.  Due to popular demand, this is a musical love that is for solo car time.  Hubs handled it well until we got to gospel rap.  There was channel switching at that juncture.

3.  In general I am a horrible typist, but I have especial trouble spelling certain words when I type.  These are words which I can spell perfectly in long hand, but can't type out for the life of me!  Convienence is the primary example. 

Hmmm, I had several others, but my caffeine is fading- I'll update if I remember. . .


  1. 1. cracking up because i'm thinking i may do the same thing and didn't realize it until now!

    2. i love gospel, too. but i love the old country gospel like the gaithers, but i also love kirk franklin and eddie james.

    3. i am a terrific typist and i am a great speller, but sometimes i start typing too fast and words get mixed up and messed up. i am a horrible proofreader-- or a lazy proofreader. in fact i don't proofread my blog posts.

  2. You are cracking me up right now as I agree with everything that you blogged about! I'm convinced if we lived in the same town...we'd be buds! Ha!


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