Aug 9, 2010


My life currently is complete shambles. 

I'm battling an especially wicked curse this month, and my dormant cold has returned with a vengeance, leaving me wheezy, snuffly and sneezy (and whiny).  I had to go and the the meth-Mucinex which is behind the pharmacy counter.  I sound like Lily Tomlin's little girl character, am wearing a Junior League tee, the ubiquitous Nike shorts, and pearl earrings.  Obviously, not your typical meth cooker.  Yet, I still feel like a nineteen year old buying beer when I have to show my license and sign a statement that I will not be cooking meth with my Mucinex.  I start rambling in a loud voice about why would anyone want to consume battery acid or fertilizer, and cook chemicals.  The whole time, I'm thinking "Self, you are obviously not a meth-head and have a cold.  Stop acting suspicious, she knows you are not planning on cooking the Mucinex, but simply popping the pills in order to properly swallow.  You are acting very strangely and calling attention to yourself."  Finally I get out of there before the pharmacist called the cops on the preppy meth addict.

Yeah, my neuroses grow exponentially when I'm sick.  And overwhelmed.  Here is why:

Living Room

Master Bedroom

Guest Room

Guest Room

The office.

The kitchen (shudder).

The den.

The dining room.

So, yeah complete shambles.  It's amazing that I am clothed in work appropriate togs right now.  Also distressing?  We have to leave Friday for a wedding 5-6 hours away which Hubs is in.  Shambles for the foreseeable future.

Any of you dear readers want to unpack and hang curtains for me?  I'll make you a yummy dinner (in my parents' kitchen, since mine is upside down). 

Okay, enough whining!  I promise that's it. 

For today at least.


  1. You poor thing. I am sorry you don't feel well. My house looks worse than yours and we haven't even moved. Does that help?
    Good luck getting settled. xoxo and I love your art!!

  2. Ack, so sorry sweetie! Moving is hard--take it easy, it'll come together soon enough. Promise. Also? I get the same way when having to buy anything behind the pharmacy counter! I'm paranoid that they think I'm going to go make meth and then they won't let my buy the damn Sudafed or Municex!

  3. I'm right there with you. We moved in a week ago and I'm still working my way out of boxes. Hubby is sick like you and about to leave on a business trip. Hang in there. Work on getting well and getting your energy back and then focus on the house. It will all come together. But, I know, it's hard to live amid the boxes. Feel better soon!

  4. Hang in there! Moving is such a head-ache..especially if you're sick! Don't worry about the boxes...they'll get put away eventually..get better soon! :) I know its hard bc I'm a Type A that wants everything done and organized yesterday!

  5. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I hope the Mucinex starts working right away!

    I know you think it looks bad, but for just moving in, I think it looks pretty great and you'll have it all arranged in no time once you start feeling better (and don't have any more weddings to attend).

  6. So sorry you're sick :( I do the same thing when I have to pick up cold meds that you have to sign for at the pharmacy counter!

  7. So sorry you are sick! Don't stress too much, moving and settling takes a lot of time. You'll get there! And I can already tell your place is so cute, it's going to look great!

  8. Fell better! My condo is just as crazy right now! I am actually too much of a chicken to buy mucinex which made my mom really upset when I got pneumonia in may!

  9. Basically, we could switch houses and I doubt either of us would even notice.

    Except I've got to have my curtains up cause I'm pretty sure my neighbors are peeping toms. Gross.

  10. It will all be in place before you know it and then you'll be looking for things to work on!! :)

  11. Hang in there! You can only get things done at the pace your body will allow... just take it easy and know you'll get to it when you get to it.

    Also... happy birthday!! I hope the Mucinex has worked its magic by now.


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