Aug 31, 2010

Bollywood Nights

So Juhi asked me if her wedding would warrant a blog post.

Uh, more like a week of them!

Y'all, I have to confess that I was not the biggest fan of Emory Law School.  This was due to the fact that I didn't like law school in general, thought a lot of the people there were nerdy jerks, and didn't give it enough of a chance because a huge group of my best friends from college were in Atlanta, so I got to hang with them instead of classmates.

However, I have never been so thankful to have gone to Emory opposed to Vandy, or Georgia, or UT, as I was this weekend.  For one, I would not have gotten to attend this amazing event, but more importantly I wouldn't have these ladies in my life.

Alright, that's enough of reflection and sentiment.  Let's get to the good stuff, shall we?

So I left from work on Friday, drove to Nashville and hopped on a plane to Detroit with Miss Shelley.

And her bag.

Y'all- we were in Michigan for probably less than 24 hours.  I carried a tote bag.  Although to be fair, Shelley did have my sari in there as well.  I grew to love Big Red when I could stash my toiletries in there, and not worry about having my perfume confiscated.   I love how you can tell we have made it to Detroit by the bystanders in this photo.  Hee.

A little punchy when we finally arrived to our hotel, (understandably as it was past midnight, quite the shocker to my [geriatric of late] sleeping habits), we decided that I should try on my sari. I had bags underneath my eyes the size of Shelley's suitcase, but revived quickly when I got this gorgeous thing on me.
I thought Shelley did a great job, no?  There are three parts- the petticoat, which is a simple drawstring skirt which you tie around your waist, a little shirt thing which fastens in front and stops right under your boobs, and a giant piece of gorgeously embroidered fabric.

For comparison purposes- here's me the next day with my sari properly done (thanks to our wonderful "sari ladies").

Isn't is amazing?  I wish I hadn't gotten bangs right before, because you can't really see my bindi. I saved it though- might start wearing it about town. . . .along with my sari of course.  We ogled all of the saris all day and night.  My favorite of the day's was this one-
The green was blinding in the sunlight, it was so sparkly.  I'm like a magpie- when I see something sparkly I want it immediately! Oh, and that's the groom on the horse- we'll have to get to that tomorrow!


  1. Love the Detroit comment from one who grew up in Michigan but was raised by southern parents. Hilarious. You look amazing in red. Can wait to read more!

  2. Your red sari is absolutely breathtaking!! So beautiful!

  3. So beautiful!! My former intern is Indian and I so hope I get invited to her wedding one day--does that make me a bad person? (I should note that I totally adore my former intern, but, it would be a major bonus if I got to be part of her I'm sure totally awesome wedding someday)

  4. You look amazing!! Red was such a great color choice, so beautiful!


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