Aug 26, 2010

Car Wheels on a Gravel Road

Hey, did y'all know I'm from East Tennessee?  And I think it's right pretty around here?  My brother and I went to look at some property Tuesday night (second favorite thing to do besides look at houses?  look at property where I can build a house).  Here's the gravel road which leads to the property.
Through a kudzu jungle.
To the lake.
The adventure was made more enjoyable by our chariot- Brother's new toy- a '77 Bronco.  Side note- I used to have a '70 Bronco without power steering or power brakes.  It was a three on the tree, which I had trouble stopping since I weighed about 90 lbs at the time (I was 15).  I loved it, then my mama rode with me around the neighborhood.  When she witnessed me stand up, stomping the clutch and the brake with all my might, to slowly roll to a stop 100 yards later, well that was the end of that. 

Luckily Brother's has both power steering and brakes, and I weigh substantially more than 90 pounds, so I should be fine to drive his.

Although not in Athens.

This is the view of the river and the mountains from the ridge. Isn't is beautiful?
Brother contemplating where we would put our boat dock if we bought the property.  From the time we were little kids, we talked about getting a family lakehouse together.  A rowdy one with lots of porches, as we always spent the night on the screened porch of our parents' lakehouse growing up.
It's funny to think about a bunch of towheaded cousins running around, getting into trouble, and learning how to ski.  I like that idea.


  1. You two are adorable together! I'm so jealous of your family real estate fantasies - we are a tad too spread for that (and by spread I mean my mom and sis live a 15-min drive away from one another, but my brother and I are the outliers).

    Lucinda Williams reference + kudzu pic = love.

  2. Sometimes I'm convinced that you and I led parallel childhoods, Miss Samma!

    Love your brother's Bronco. You probably couldn't drive it up 75 to visit me in Lexington, though. ;)

  3. Love Love the Bronco!!My Dad just sold his and it makes me sad. His was red. And I giggled imagining you stomping on the brakes.
    Pretty pictures!

  4. My husband wants an old Bronco like that!!! Haha.

    Sigh, a huge dream of mine is a big ol' family compound--on the lake or in the mountains--bonus if it could capture both. But, I don't see that happening anytime soon. Unless we get our whole family to move to Texas--which is my dream, but, they seem set in their ways... Sad...

  5. I saw your comment on Darby's blog and clicked over. I LOVE the bronco! My husband and I are both TN graduates, so I love the orange even more. So fun!

  6. This might be my favorite post of the week! I love my sibs. One of my favorite dreams is having all our family together enjoying the things we did as kids.

  7. What a beautiful place - hope your dream of a family lakehouse comes true. That's something Hubby & I would love to have one day.

  8. I love the Bronco and that is a beautiful piece of land!


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