Aug 23, 2010

New Do!

Six inches of Britney Spears type hair?


I'm rocking bangs and a bob, and I love it!  This is the polished Sunday school teacher version, while Friday night I roughed it up a little bit.  Now I can't wait for turtlenecks and rising boots.  When fall actually comes (in oh, a couple of months), I will be prepared!


  1. Love the new 'do! You look great. And that pink/coral is a beautiful color on you!

  2. LOVES IT!!! You look gorgeous--not that you don't always look fantastic, but, you know what I mean. And oh heavens, how cute will you look with that 'do in fall clothes? It's perfection!

  3. Aweee! You look greattt!!! Nothing feels better than a new haircut. Cheers! Xoxo-BLC

  4. Love the hair. And I do believe it will look great this fall. :)


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