Aug 16, 2010

Doctor! Doctor!

Y'all!  I need advice (because where better to solicit medical advice then the internet?). 

I was diagnosed with sinus infection Wednesday (after having a cold for 5-6 days).  I've been on antibiotics and taking it easy since then, besides unpacking, of course. 

However, I'm still achy all over.  I feel like I've done a super hard workout with extra heavy weights (not the case- haven't worked out in 2 weeks due to maladies- I'm inflated).  Is this normal?  Exhausted and achy (my back especially), after 6 days of antibiotics?  I have 4 more days to go.

Experiences?  Knowledge?  I never really get sinus infections (by body prefers things like strep and migraines).  HELP!

I've got to kick this- I cannot stand being tired all the time.  Too much decorating to do, ladies!


  1. I have no idea but I hope you feel better soon. I'd go with the general "if symptoms do not get better in 7 days contact your doctor" line on my medications. If you still feel crappy, call your doctor!

  2. Hey lady!

    Very well could be a sinus infection - contrary to popular belief, those bad boys can leave you feeling like you've been hit by a train. I'd finish out the round of antibiotics and if it doesn't do the trick, then back to the doctor you should go! Are you running a fever?

    Definitely steer clear of googling your symptoms, though - if left to the search devices, you'll be told that you have some wild, crazy, incurable, life debilitating disorder that no one can pronounce, not even the doctors.

    Wishing you a very speedy recovery, though!

  3. This happens to me, unfortunately, about 2-3 times a year each time leaving me feeling under the weather for about 3-6 weeks at a time. I have, like Barney Stinson, tried to party through the pain, but the only thing that seems to work is rest. Lots of it. No working out, no alcoholic beverages, just lots of OJ, green tea, advil cold and sinus and the occassional snort of afrin and sleep. If in a bind, 5 hour energy shots do the trick.

    Good luck. I totally understand your frustration.

  4. HAve you changed your ac filters and/or dusted the house? I mean major dusting like under radiators, window sills, etc. The same thing happened to me after we moved. My husb and I could barely lift our heads the day after we moved and we were dragging our feet for days! Then I too came down with a sinus infection a week later. Hope you feel better as I know how much there is to be done following a move. Its been 2 weeks since our move and I'm finally feeling human again...time to unpack!

  5. I'd call your doc to check in, but I'm a bad person for advice. I'm consistently plagued with sinus and allergy issues and pretty much always feel achy unless I pop sinus and allergy meds along with straight-up advil first thing every morning. (Eeeek.)

    Cannot wait to see your decorating progress once you're feeling better!

  6. Some antibiotics can actually make you ache and tired. I am a freak because when I have a fever I physically can tell because all my joints ache.

  7. Yuck, sinus infections are the worst! I always need a near overdose level of Advil Sinus or Tylenol sinus to make me feel better (I got the worst sinus headache EVER back in May and I honestly thought my brain was going to come out of my nose. It was terrible). But for example if the box says to take 2 tablets every 8 hours I have to take like 4 tablets every 4 hours for it to work. (My doctor said that was fine. and I didn't die).
    Hope you feel better soon though - I know how awful it is!

  8. Oh I don't know if you have any other medical conditions, but for some people antibiotics are just the death knell. I am diabetic and my best friend is anemic and we BOTH feel awful when we're on antibiotics :( Even though they work and they're a necessary evil, it's still hard on your body. Maybe it's something more but that's just my experience. FEEL BETTER!

  9. This is pretty normal. I always get on steroids so I feel better quicker (either the shot - awesome - or just pills). Just watch if you do it - it makes you hungry as a horse!

    Feel better!

    P.S. I've had sinus infections before - used to have them for months at a time. Had sinus surgery and now I only get them about 3 times/year at most!


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