Aug 19, 2010

Desperately Seeking Advice

This is bad.  My hair has turned into straw in the last month.  I have deep conditions, hidden my hair power tools, and avoided chlorine to no avail.  It's dunzo. 
I can't believe I just put my too blonde, split-ended trailer trash hair on the internet.  I have no shame apparently.  Shudder.

First of all, it's time to take it back to my natural color-

The question for y'all is as follows:

Do I

(a) Get it cut like above?
(b)  Cut off my hair!

I stumbled upon this picture of my mama, and have an itch for this hairdo of hers.  I can't decide if it's because I think this haircut would make me as pretty as my mama, or if I need bangs and a chop!

I have been growing my hair since my 1L year of law school-

Please ignore the size of my face.

That's all its grown in like 5-6 years.  Oh dear.

And it's stopped growing.  So haircut?  Bangs?  Hubs, of course, is not so keen.  Whatevs.  He's not the one slaving over a hot blow dryer.

Tell me what to do readers!  I am making a hair appointment asap after looking at the back of my head.  I look Britney and Crystal Gayle's love child. 


  1. I think you'd look adorable with bangs and a fresh chop! Especially if you were just doing it as a bridge method toward healthier hair, it might be easier to stomach. Avoid the whole "omg I'm getting a huge haircute" mental trap, etc.

  2. Have you thought about getting a conditioning treatment at the salon? I had the same problem until I started using a non-greasy styling product that has mineral oil in it.

  3. I love the bangs! Love them! And I really love that chunky bracelet you are wearing..

  4. Oh, I know how you feel. I'm always wondering whether I should chop or trim. I think a healthy trim and some bangs would be gorgeous! And I really like your natural color - beautiful!

  5. I think your hair is super cute in that one picture. I cut bangs a few years back and I regretted it after I had all one legenth hair. Just make sure that you can pull it back or have a "sunday afternoon" look :)

  6. It is almost fall. Put a few low lights, get a trip and go for your mom's cut. It is hair. It always grows back.

  7. As someone whose hair grows painfully slow as well, I can understand the fear of chopping it all off! I think some long layers with bangs would be cute--that way, you lose the dead stuff but still keep length, and can always go shorter if you want. I've been growing my hair out from a shoulder length bob for 5 year--it's just now to the middle/top of my back (think where your bra hits)--5 years! Awful!

  8. okay, because i'm a stylist, this post caught my eye. First off, hair only *Seems to grow slow when you can't help but watch it, like watching the minutes go by on a clock. The reason it feels like it's years before any length shows, is because split ends and breakage just from brushing thru, tend to happen daily. So daily, your hair appears to get "shorter". But your roots are always there, every 6 wks or so, so you can see it's growing at about 1/2-1 inch about every 4-6 wks. With Prenatals and lots of Keratin treatments, had my hair from a long bob, to long and thick past my bra in one school year.
    I think long swoopy bangs will take a lot of weight out of the front of your hair, so you're not looking at breakage and stressing over it :) and some fresh, slightly darker color, albeit lowlights or whatever you like, would add shine and make you feel better about your 'do! If you like your long hair, don't feel obligated to cut it off. A Keratin mask for an hour on a sunday afternoon, a fresh trim and new shiny color, and you'll be all better!

  9. I feel your pain - I often go back and forth on what to do with my hair. Right now, short. I would recommend a good cut, some layering for healthier hair and maybe some long bangs, so if don't care for them, growing them out won't take forever. Also, perhaps a combo of high and low lights? That's what I do, especially during the fall/winter so my hair doesn't look brassy. Good luck - can't wait to see the results!

  10. Have you tried using sulfite free hair care products like pureology? It's made a big difference with my hair!

  11. Hello! So, I stumbled upon your blog FOREVER ago, and just read this post and had to comment. So, Im not a hairstylist either, however your hair is ADORABLE in the pic with the orange(?) scarf. LOVE IT. So maybe a little shape, hightlights, and bangs would be the ticket. Cant wait to see the 'after' pics. :)

  12. I totally think you should cut it! I love you with bangs. That pic from college is a poor representation of you. Please please please post the pic of your first drivers license. It would make my day or week rather....


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