Aug 27, 2010

Sari About That (I know-it's terrible, I couldn't resist)

A year and a couple months ago we were here.  And now it's finally time to head to Michigan for Juhi and Vivek's nuptials! Remember this?  Can I tell y'all how excited I am- look at this completely gorgeous fabric which I will don in less than 24 hours-

A little taste of what's to come with the couple's engagement ceremony-

Thank goodness Hubs and I didn't have to dance when we got engaged. . .he is good Carolina shagger, and I can pull out some jazzercise moves.  That's about it.

Have you ever been to an Indian wedding?  Tell me all about it!


  1. Never been, but it sounds fantastic! Looks like a total blast :-) Looking forward to you post w/lost of pictures!

  2. I went to one last year (the bride and groom were actually married in India, so this was a reception in the USA for those of us who didn't get to go to India for the real thing) and actually got to borrow a cool outfit from the groom's mom (groom is a very close childhood friend of mine). The bride did a beautiful design on my hand with henna the night before, we had indian food, and fun music. Here's a blog post I did about it:

  3. I am SO JEALOUS! I want to go to an Indian wedding so badly! I'm banking on Evs' good friend Pradeep having the traditional blowout sometime in the near future!

  4. Our closest couple-friends are an Indian-American woman married to a country boy. R. was a groomsman in their wedding, and assisted in the "protecting of the shoes" ritual. I'm so darn jealous. R. and I weren't yet dating when our friends got married,and I didn't get to attend all the awesomeness.

    I so want to get the wedding henna sometime. I keep trying to make friends who can make this happen.

  5. ahhhh how fun! I love to see peeps do the shag - so fun. That's my FAVORITE thing about Charleston weddings!


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