Apr 1, 2014

Not the Answer I Was Looking For

So we went to brunch at the country club  after church Sunday.  Morgan was hitting the buffet, and Dell Harper and I were chatting while eating our salads, while Deeds snoozed away in his car-seat.

We had an in-depth discussion about straws.  Her's was blue.  Mama's was black (this is the kind of intellectually fascinating conversation that fills my days. Exhausting).  I said that Deeds doesn't have a straw because he doesn't have a cup.

Then I asked her "What Deeds drink out of?"

I expected her to say bottle as I was holding one in my hand.  Nope.

Smack dab in the dining room filled with people in the church finery, my darling daughter yells out,

"BOOBIES! Deeds drinks from Mama's BOOBIES!"

I about lost it.  Trying to not laugh is truly one of my greatest struggles as a parent.

I changed the subject, as technically she is correct.


  1. I had a miserable day at work and find myself uncontrollably laughing at this. BOOBIES. I love it so much.

  2. Love her sweet dress!! She is a smart girl!!

  3. Margot is in a very similar place. She loves to talk about my boobies and her tiny boobies and how when she was a tiny baby milk came out of my boobies and why doesn't it anymore? especially since auntie Lauren's boobies have milk for her baby cousin etc. She frequently likes to have this conversation in the middle of the grocery store and she seems to share Dell Harper's choice of volume when saying the word boobies. le sigh....

  4. HAHAHAHA...i love this age because you truly NEVER know what they are going to say next. smart girl you have on your hands my dear :)

  5. Bahahaha! I love it! Kids are so funny. Mac and I were at Kindermusik the other day and someone asked him if he was excited for the baby. I wasn't paying attention and he lifted my shirt up and showed the whole class my belly (and everything else). Ack!!

  6. Oh boy! Got to love a smart girl! Kids are so fun - and mortifying sometimes.

  7. that is too funny! oh goodness! I probably would have laughed when she said that. What else could you do? :)


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