Apr 9, 2014

A Day in the Life, Part Two

So I thought I would continue with my days and post a day that is more work oriented- i.e. when Dell Harper is in school from 9-1.  Tuesday/Thursdays are sooo different from my M/W/F.  That's what I thought a least.  Then I started working on this and realized it's pretty much the same. Regardless, I'll go ahead and bore/entertain you with a recount of my day.

It started out a little hectic, as I ended up sleeping in Dell Harper's bed after her third frantic wake up.  All conveniently timed to NOT coincide with Deed's feedings, but instead with the top of my sleep cycles.  Morgan helps, but she is in a stage where she only wants Mama in the middle of the night.  So I gave up at 5 AM and crawled into her bed- which is superbly comfortable.  Morgan woke us at 7:30 with a hungry Deeds.  I  managed to get everyone dressed and fed (thank goodness for granola bars), bade Morgan goodbye as he headed out of town for work, and greeted Deeds' babysitter.

Barely running late for school, I loaded DH in the car and was greeted with the news that I had "0" miles to empty. Gas station. Yuck.  I hate getting gas. I am a child.
 Miss Priss runs into school and her "work" as she calls any activity.  I am chopped liver the minute she walks into school.  Too bad I can have her teachers come over at 3 AM to hold her hand why she sleeps.
 I go to Barre class, which I am doing on Tuesdays/Thursdays this month to try and get back into bathing suit shape.  I try to wear cool exercise clothes like all the college girls in the class.  The instructor plays some Talking Heads and I distract myself reminiscing about college.  I got to hand David Byrne his mint juleps when he played at the Georgia Theater.  Do college students still listen to lots of Talking Heads?  I wanted to ask the girl in the fraternity PCB spring break tank next to me. but lost my nerve.
 I come home to a snoozing baby, and go straight to work.
 I review and edit some contracts/agreements and answer e-mails for a couple hours.  I also put together a meal that I prepped the night before to drop off to a friend who just had a baby.  Pork tenderloin, hot potato salad from this month's Southern Living, balsamic green beans, and brownies.

 Deeds got to visit with this little cutie when we dropped off the food before school pickup.
 We pick up big sister- she has to get water every time before we leave.

On the car ride I hear about how her best friend fell on the playground and had a big boo boo and got band aids. Big day for PS1.

Nap time for kiddos. I want to take one myself, but instead refuel with a brownie and a diet coke, otherwise known as the food of the gods.  This is a risky move, since Deeds has a an aversion to my chocolate consumption, but a seven page performance agreement and little sleep call for desperate measures.

A couple hours later everyone wakes up.  This ensues.

Morgan is stuck in out of town until late, so I ride out the witching hour solo.  Order is restored with the help of the Frozen soundtrack and making videos with my cell phone. Whew.
 Deeds and Buddy watch while Miss Priss and I enjoy balsamic green beans, herb crusted pork tenderloin and hot potato salad for dinner (I make two whenever I make a baby dinner).

 Dell Harper paints while she eats.  After we eat, she gets to watch a little Cinderella while I bathe Deeds, who adores his nightly bath.

I love getting that non-distracted solo time with him, with nothing else demanding my attention.

After I feed, swaddle and put Deeds to bed, I begin the bedtime negotiations with Miss Priss.  Her lawyering skills exceed my own.

After pjs are forcibly applied, we lay on the floor and read books.  She knows I am an easy target for excessive book reading, so delays bed with that tactic.  Then demands for hand holding, back rubbing, two more songs, one more book, and crawling out of bed.  Finally I get her calmed down and firmly exit.

Here is my awful confession of the day.  I go to feed Buddy his dinner and remember I was supposed to pick up more of his fancy allergen free dog food from the vet.  He has about a third of his normal dinner left.  I scrape that together, then feed him 2 bananas, which are his favorite, and not bad for dogs.  I looked it up.

Sorry Buddy.  This is what happens when your mama has 2 hours of sleep, and your dad is out of town.

 We are both thrilled to see Morgan get home around nine.  He heats up a plate of dinner, and we watch the Mindy Project, then it's off to bed with fingers crossed that neither child decides to party all night.

It never hurts to be optimistic, right?  I'm sure Sisyphus said the same thing.


  1. Ha - I love the look on Morgan's face, like "Why the heck are you taking my picture woman?" You are a busy lady and I'm so impressed you find time to get it all done. Amazing dinners for you and a friend, a barre class, work and raising two kiddos - you're my hero.

  2. This my dear is intense! You are a busy lady and I am once again impressed that DH and SS are on the same page of pre-law arguments. Maybe they will room together at Harvard Law? How was that potato salad? I also have it marked.


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