Apr 30, 2014

Wednesday Whine

Yesterday afternoon made me feel like my two year old.  I just wanted to turn my face up and launch into an epic whine at top volume.  So let me get this off my chest, enjoy your sympathy, then I will resume looking on the bright side.

1.  The swing ran out of batteries.  Right when Mr. Deeds was being a fusspot and refusing naps in anything but his swing.

2.  Deeds is going through a wonder week, and being a tough nut.  I think he might be having a growth spurt as well.  Awesome.

3.  Dell Harper cut her nap in half, then disappeared to my bathroom to go potty while I was feeding her brother.  She is not potty trained, but occasionally goes, so I just let her roam.  Plus, I was stuck feeding.  Now the toilet is clogged and there is a lot of missing toilet paper.

4.  The day improved with a way too pricey trip to Target, then home to some bubbles outside during the brief burst of sunshine and dinner.

I made a stove top pasta and cheese from this month's Martha Stewart Living, as well a big pan of roasted red peppers and onions.  Deeds was hollering his head off, so I hurriedly made a picnic on the floor for Miss Priss.  While I was doing that Buddy jumps on the counter and eats half the pan of vegetables.  Cursing, I put him outside to incessantly bark at us.

I look up to see her dumping her plate on the floor, and announcing "Dat so ew-ey, Mama!  Ew!  I no eat dat." I told her it was pasta with cheese, and she likes it.  She proceeds to pick it up and put it in her bucket, then scatter around the house.

 Grr. I put away my own plate, and gave her a cup of raisins and peanut butter crackers.  Dinner of champions.  She is thankfully occupied with a Frozen magnet set while I head off to do Deeds' bath and bed. Have I mentioned Morgan is out of town?

Everything seems to be turning around.  One child in bed, I let Buddy in to clean up the pasta, and get DH in her pjs and toward her bedroom with a minimum of fuss (just about ten minutes of chasing her).
FInally, she is in bed.

5.  Ahhh.  I pull some leftover roasted chicken from the fridge, and proceed to cut some meat off the bone to enjoy with my dinner.  Then I hear a wail.  I put my plate of chicken still on the bone on the highest counter, and head to Miss Priss.

I came back into a happy dog and a missing piece of chicken, bones and all.  Off to the emergency vet.  Thanks to Mama for coming and sitting with my slumbering kids.

 Buddy had to stay overnight and get fluids and charcoal.  He was thrilled.  Hope he likes ramen noodles because after his vet bill that's all I will be able to afford.

6.  I have a sty on my eye.

7.  Last night I tried on a pair of jeans I wore last month.  I could not even button them.  I think they accidentally got put in the dryer for a long period, but it was all I could do not to burst into tears.

Okay.  All done.  Today will be better.

I had a shitty evening yesterday.


  1. Oh sweet girl. I am sorry. Those days suck. Hope today is better.
    SS threw a prop at school picture day today. Like chucked a toy animal at the photog. It was rough.

  2. That is one big crapfest of a day. Hope Morgan is coming back in town soon and you can get away for a bit to relax. I hope today is a better day for you, Buddy, and the whole gang.

  3. GIRL. Thank the Lord for blog world, because it is our place to vent and collect ourselves. I don't have babies yet so I can't identify with that (bless you, seriously-- I don't know how mamas do it), but I know how a bad day can just put the worst taste in your mouth... which I suggest cleansing with a good glass of wine :) At least it's over and we get the change to start fresh and have another go at it all. Here's to hoping today is much, much better.

  4. What a winner of a day!! So sorry you went through that....The corresponding photos to the highlights were classic, btw. Today will be 1,000 times better. Promise ;)

  5. I just hate days like this, where nothing at all will go the way it's supposed to. Hugs!!! Here's hoping you're not running the ship solo for too much longer...

  6. Uggggggg those are the worst! And I seriously cannot think of a more horrible cherry for your shit sundae than a pricy and unexpected vet trip!

    March on, soldier! Hopefully fortified by wine and/or carbs!

  7. Girl, my husband travels for work often and I seriously wonder if I could handle two by myself and get to a job relatively on time. Hope today was better.

  8. Oh dear. What a day. Been there for a lot of it (especially dogs who like to eat things that are no good for them). Thank goodness it's the weekend now!


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