Apr 6, 2014

A Day in the Life

So I love posts like these, and I decided to get in gear and do one myself.  I took pictures of every little thing, albeit iPhone pictures,  Then my phone died.  So y'all are stuck with a bunch pictures of my kids for about half the day.

Morgan was out of town for work, so I was riding solo when Miss Priss had a nightmare at 5 AM and couldn't get back to sleep.  I finally put her in bed with me, and was kicked for about an hour.  Deeds was fed in bed too during this period.  Finally at about 6:30 I succumbed to her repeated requests, and got our of bed.
I made green smoothies the night before and had hers in the fridge ready to go.  My terrible two year old has decided she hates the noise of the blender and screams "TOO LOUD!!!!!!!" at top volume when I turn it on.  So for sanity's sake I now plan ahead. I'm still trying to stick to a no-TV policy, but with a two-hour early wake up, exceptions are made.

While Daniel Tiger is on, I throw on some clothes, and stumble through some hair and makeup.

My five minute face- I read something about Wet 'n' Wild having the BEST eyeshadow, and it is true!  This stuff stays on so much better than my expensive kinds.  Magic.  Gel blush is the only think that allows me to look awake these days.  Also, BB cream, eyeliner and mascara.  Done and done.

With my new do, I run some anti-frizz through my hair then give it a quick shake.
Post shake, it's quite fluffy.  Don't worry, it falls down.

DH has a tantrum because it's 7:15 in the morning and I won't let her do sidewalk chalk inside.  I am a cruel and inhumane being.
 I get her dressed.  This takes approximately 49 minutes.  It's like trying to dress a gigantic eel.  I contemplate trying to pick up her disaster of a room (as seen below- still about half-way decorated by moi).  Decide against it, and head to wake Deeds.

Dell Harper helps wake up her little brother.

Then entertains us while I feed Deeds.

  A little tummy time for Deeds.

Miss Priss has been doing yoga in school, so I bought a book for toddler yoga as a fun thing for us to do.  This is what happens.

 It's very fun, but not quite the relaxing experience I anticipated.  We do have downward dog down.  Then it turns into climb on mama.

After that warm up, a sweet little babysitter from up the street comes over to hang with Deeds while he snoozes, and Miss Priss and I head to Jazzercise at a church about a quarter of a mile away.  She plays with her friends in the nursery and I burn a ton of calories while doing exercise that involves "sexy walking".  It's amazing.

I feed Deeds and read books to DH upon our return, then we have a little snack.  She requests "strawberries and that cheese (pointing at goat cheese)".  My child has sophisticated taste apparently, and the combo is delicious.
 Then she has a yogurt.  And it is everywhere.
 I strip her down and she has a sink bath.
I change her clothes, and we head outside for me to work on my containers.  This child who has asked to go outside every day this winter decides that she does not like outside.  It's too windy, apparently. That slight cool breeze- it's a killer.

It's time for lunch and my exhaustive photographic documentation of the day begins to falter as this was a total disaster.  Deeds is blissfully napping in his swing, and I sit Miss Priss down for a bowl of the chicken spinach orzo that she wolfed down the night before.  I selflessly gave her the leftovers while I make myself and turkey-cucumber sandwich with a cup of creamy asparagus soup (recipe to follow this week).  She wants soup, too.  I get her a little bowl of soup.  Due to the fact that she won't sit right in her booster, she gets soup everywhere.  Temper tantrum that we'd been warding off the last hour ensues.  Naptime commences immediately (a bit earlier than normal due to the 5 AM post-nightmare wakeup).

Deeds wakes up to eat and play as soon as I get her down.

He settles back down for a little bouncy seat time while I tackle DH's dirty clothes (3 outfits so far today), the asparagus soup debacle, remnants of the yogurt debacle, and the remaining dishes.

When Deeds takes his nap, I have about an hour to hour and a half of child free time.  I tackle my desk.  It looks like this.
I am breaking out in hives just looking at that picture.  It is all clean now, and ready to be worked upon.  I work part-time from home, so Tuesdays and Thursdays are when I crank out most things, since DH is in school.  However, I answer e-mails, wrap up small projects and household tasks during this time.  I also normally prep dinner, but we are heading to Wednesday night supper at church for fried chicken on this night.

Deeds wakes up and we head outside for quality quilt time outside, as he cannot whine that he wants to be "in my house, mommy!  No outside!  Too windy!".  Two years old is requiring lots of deep breathing on my part, by the way.

I treat myself to a little library book reading- Randy Wayne White's latest- excellent so far.
This guy!  He falls asleep in the sun.  Love!  I sent my mom this picture and a few minutes later she appears in my driveway.  Who could resist stopping by to see those cheeks?
Hee.  DH wakes up, and I gently reintroduce her to the world of the living after her much needed super long nap.  I have a darling dress picked out for church (casual yet cute with her new balance tennis shoes), and even bribe her with promises of hitting the playground with her best little buddy before dinner. She picks out a t-shirt and shorts.  I acquiesce.

Mom helps me load everyone up and we hit up the playground as promised.  Morgan meets us at dinner (phone is now dead, so use your imaginations, please).  I eat Dell Harper's fried chicken since she is too busy running around with her friends to eat anything other than mandarin oranges (what the cool toddlers eat at Wednesday night supper).  Morgan takes Deeds home for bath and bed, while DH heads to the nursery and I go to my young women's bible study.  This was our first time trying this with Deeds. My dead cell phone missed a lot of my husband's call and texts re: putting the baby down.

Us girls get home about 7:30, and go straight into teeth brushing, pjs and story time.  After DH is down for the count, I clean the kitchen, pick up any remaining toys, run a load of laundry, pack her lunch for school the next day, and prep the next day's breakfast.

Then I will either watch a TV program with Morgan- (I have the energy for sitcoms only these days,) or, more often, take a hot bath, and read.
Currently reading. . .

Then I lay out my clothes for the next day, brush my teeth and fall into bed.

To wake up a couple hours later to begin my night of baby feeding. . . .

Whew.  This is a long post of really mundane things.  For those of you with limited or normal attention spans- I spend my days cleaning up my children's messes and feeding/eating.  Exciting stuff, I know.

We do have a wonderful time though- newborn exhaustion, terrible twos and all.  The whining wears me out, but she is such a delight through and through- hilarious and happy unless she is hungry or tired.    All of you who know me are shaking your heads in recollection of my own behavior when my blood sugar gets low.  It's not pretty.  And I'm 32 not 2.  ANYWAY, that's my typical day.


  1. Love DITL posts! And especially love all the silliness -- a good "pile on mama" moment will get you through those I WILL ONLY WEAR THE UGLIEST SHIRT I OWN moments, won't they?

  2. "It's like trying to dress a gigantic eel" Exactly! I would imagine :)

  3. Such darling kiddos. Good thing they are cute right? Ss is now on night 14 of not sleeping through the night. WHY??????? I am obsessed with your new hairdo. It looks great. Also you are a skinny minnie.

  4. You have truly adorable kids :)

  5. This brings back all the memories of my life with you and your brother! Breakfast, clean clothes, play. cleanup, eat breakfast, put on clean clothes, eat lunch,
    play outside, put on clean clothes, nap, play and eat dinner....on and on and never ending! I wouldn't have changed any of it. Love you bunches....you are an awesome mother!!!

  6. i love this. thanks for sharing! makes me feel normal, my day is almost identical!

  7. I really enjoy reading these kinds of posts! I like seeing how other moms spend their days, and pass the time... not that we're not all terribly busy, but there are always those times in between.

  8. Love these posts! I've always wanted to do one but I lack follow through. I'm working on it. Have been for 33 years.

    I am obsessed with your new short hair. And goodness woman, you are so tiny. You look fantastic. Must be all that jazzercise and dressing eels. :)

  9. this sounds about right...haha!!! i LOVE the new hairdo on you, and i'm sitting here giggling about wrangling the giant eel to get her dressed...this is SO true!


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