Apr 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday

While procrastinating actual work last week, I found a stash of completely random pictures stuck in a desk drawer. So without further adieu-

This one is during law school in Atlanta. Guy friends from Georgia put on a golf tournament every year.  One year they decided to invite us ladies to participate as cart girls.  We decided that we should also be shot girls.  People drove golf carts home, and we were banned from the (public) course.  Ladies were not invited again.  (I'm on the far left in black and white).
 The last time I had my hair this short- junior year of college?  This is in Knoxville so maybe over Christmas break with two of my favorite guys in the world.  Like my lovely purple satin evening coat paired with jeans?  Styling.

 This is from Watercolor almost two years ago.  It's hard to believe that Deeds will be that size when we go at the end of this summer.

These are from Leigh's wedding about a year and a half ago.  I wore the exact same outfit to Loucinda's nuptials a few weeks ago.  Such fun- I'm enjoying looking through this group of gals and seeing all the weddings and babies and changes that have happened since this picture was taken.

The solo shot of me is just exceeding flattering. I need to frame that baby.  Hmm, anniversary present for Morgan perhaps?  One year for Valentines (or his birthday, I can't remember?) I framed a ton of our wedding pictures/my bridal portraits and gave them to him, knowing full well there was no way for him to vocalize any dislike for said gift.  "Whaaaat?!?  You don't want pictures of your wife scattered everywhere throughout the house? What kind of unloving monster are you?"

Who could say no to that?  What can I say- my vanity for professionally flattering pictures of myself knows no bounds.

At least I'm not framing the college pictures.  Those are all getting put in a lockbox where my children can never find them and use as ammunition or defense to their own wild times.  My parents telling stories on me will be bad enough.  (I know, I know, Mama.  Payback's a bitch.)


  1. This post is great! My hubs looks classy with the camo hat and a cig hanging from his lip.
    Love the group of gals from Leigh's wedding! What fun and oh the changes in our lives. Sending love to K-town!

  2. That shot of you, framed for his office? WIN. Or he really is an unloving monster :-)

  3. First of all, I would have totally rocked that same outfit in college, the flare jeans, kitten heel zip up boots, and velour fitted coat. Love it. Secondly, frame that solo pic immediately ... whether it is for Morgan or if it just gets put up in your foyer, you need that bad boy framed. Gorgeous!!!

  4. These are all adorable! Also thank you for reminding me that we have a BUNCH of gorgeous frames received as wedding gifts that I need to put actual pictures in...


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