Apr 14, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a busy weekend (par for course come spring, it seems), filled with sunshine and friends.  This little artiste got to stay at her grandparent's house Friday night, since I had to do volunteer work at a plant sale all day Saturday. She is enthralled with my mom's pottery studio (the "Shop") and loves to sit on her stool, paint, and drink Sprite from a cup down there.  Gigi and Graddy's house is truly a magical land in the eyes of Dell Harper.

Having a little peace and quiet with this fella Friday night was a lovely little interlude.
I had a blast slinging sandwiches with these ladies at said plant sale- it was perfect weather and a great day.

Things I have missed- blue skies, sunglasses and shorts!  Lawdy, my legs are a mess though.  I bought some of that Jergens gradual glow stuff after noticing the extreme level of white trash-ness my legs have attained.  I must bang Deeds' carseat against my shins as I tote him. Bruises galore, and, pale! Oh, it is just pitiful.

After church on Sunday we headed to the Lilly store to see the Easter bunny.  Miss Priss was all fired up about the "big bunny", then would not get within six feet of him.

 DH did enjoy the yogurt pretzels, however.

After naps for all, we headed back to church for the annual Easter egg hunt, which was more of a success.

 Cookie decorating with one of her best buddies- they share a love of Frozen and sprinkles.  Toddler friendship at its finest, people.

Followed by some egg hunting-

 I had to step in for some assistance in explaining the concept of putting the eggs in her basket.  She preferred opening, examining the contents, then discarding.

Deeds wants it to be known that it was his nap time, he was still wearing church clothes, and it was hot.  Not an opportune for a mother-son picture I suppose.

 Ahhh, the discovery of candy inside helped move the collection process along.  Those eggs started flying into her basket.

She couldn't even make it past the mudroom before stripping down and investigating her loot.
Toddler tornado.

Off to fold some laundry that I have been procrastinating all evening.  My poor sister-in-law was the recipient of approximately eighty-seven thousand texts while I put off washing dishes, and y'all are getting eleventh billion pictures of Miss Priss to avoid laundry.  Priorities.


  1. I believe I would be BFFs with DH as well since I, too, share a love of Frozen and sprinkles. Also, folding laundry is the worst. Godspeed.

  2. You guys are too cute! Dell Harper in her Lilly shift is just precious but inspecting her easter goodies in a diaper is my favorite. What a great weekend. I love spring.

  3. She is the cutest. SS agrees with the 6ft. distance between the girls and that bunny.

  4. Ack, these pics are so great! DH just kills me. So adorable with her little paints.

  5. You look fabulous, my dear! I love your Lilly dress. And DH is the cutest thing ever, as always. Loving all your photos lately!

  6. Oh man...what fun! It looks like DH is just so fun at this age. It makes me excited to watch M get bigger!


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