Apr 28, 2014

Weekend Review

Friday started out well- delirious with lack of sleep I met some ladies from church at the flower wholesale place to get flowers for Sunday.  The cooler was freezing, but at least it revived me somewhat.  I also rallied enough to accept my mom's invitation to join her at Costco, especially while I already had a babysitter. (FYI- our Costco has Hanna Anderson dress/legging sets for under $20!).  I made an excellent dinner (recipe to follow), and got to watch my silly Hart of Dixie while Morgan met up with some friends after the babes were in bed.

Saturday was fun and flower filled- creating the arrangement at church (with extra care as my niece was baptized this weekend), Trader Joe's, Aquatots, Chick-fil-a, then working on planting my containers.  Dell Harper is a bit confused right now with Target and the grocery store. "I get dis at grocery store!" she proudly proclaims, holding aloft whatever item from the dollar hot spot she is carrying around that week like a made in China plastic talisman.  Nope, that's Target, kiddo. "Oh." she says, "I get dis at Tar-gay!".  Thatta, girl.  Now we've thrown Trader Joe's in, and she is really confused.

Dell Harper helped me plant some nasturtium seeds.  She then proceeded to absolutely drown them with water from her watering can "all by myself!".  Repeatedly. I might have to procure some more seeds, and secretly plant them in the dead of night.  

Deeds and Buddy also assisted.

During all these gardening, Morgan suggested calling a babysitter and going out. I scoffed at the idea.  Exhausted, sweaty and still smelling like chlorine, putting on makeup sounded equivalent to marathon running.  Then he said "You need a break.  Doesn't getting out of the house and having someone else do baths and bed sound good?"  I called a babysitter immediately.

 Cheers to an adult dinner out!

Sunday I got these two cuties up and dressed, with time for some quick pictures. Conveniently I captured the four minutes Miss Priss deemed a bow acceptable before replacing it with a pink sequined tiara "Just like Fi-fi!".  That would be Sofia the First.

Being the exhausted parent that I am, I rolled with it.  She looked quite royal in Sunday school, and I loved it. A friend remarked that I was fun, for not insisting on a bow and removing said tiara, but it's less a matter of being fun, and more that I think it's funny.

 My niece was just precious and perfect during the baptism.  We dropped the kids off with a babysitter at home, then headed over to my brother's house for a little party.  The party was lovely- weather was perfect and it was a great celebration.  There were several of Deeds' peer group there, but this toddler would have been a tornado.
 After nap we headed up to a local watering hole that has been revamped to meet some friends.  She picked out her own outfit and accessories.

 No one was there so the kids got to go free range, while we sipped on some beers.

Deeds just wore himself out.
 Milkshakes were had and enjoyed.

Then storm clouds came in, we picked up pizza from a new-to-us New York style place, and headed home for a pizza picnic on the floor while it thundered and rained.  It doesn't get much better than that.


  1. Your flower powers are amazing. That arrangement was gorgeous and your porch is so happy! I'm in awe of your skills. And DH and Deeds are just too cute. I'm with you on the tiara - bows are a battle I'm not willing to fight.

  2. Looks like a fine weekend to me! I love DH's tiara and sunglasses! She's my kind of gal!

  3. Love your flower pots! I got two of the HA dress/shorts combo this weekend as well :) Love them!

  4. Ok, this is Samma's mom and I just have to chime in here. Samma inherited her laissez-faire attitude about DH's attire from me! I decided that clothing battles were not worth the trouble early on. So, for the whole of 4th grade my adorable child wore ONLY BLACK to school!! Black leggings, black ankle boots, black felt hat with usually a large black and bright colored sweater. She was quite the styling little girl and she certainly stood out as a self confident little fashionista! I laugh just thinking of her as a child...what a hoot she was and still is!!


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