Apr 8, 2014

Thoughts at 3 AM

I suddenly remembered that I wrote down some great ideas for a post during Deeds' middle of the night feeding last night.  Excited to review my wit and creativity I pulled up my notes typed onto my phone.
Behold my genius-

Name of post- "This an (sic) That".  Never been done before.  Am brilliant post-titler, obviously.

"Itchy feet"- 
This is an actual problem, albeit a very strange one.  During the tail end of my pregnancy the soles of my feet starting itching uncontrollably at night.  Now it's even worse- when I am up in the middle of the night it's almost painful how much they itch.  Seemingly related to hormones, I asked my doctor, but all she could recommend was Benadryl.  Since that makes me super groggy, it's not an option.  I need all the alertness I can get in order to scribble amazing notes to self as seen above.  Have y'all ever heard of such a thing?  I am dousing my feet in hydrocortisone cream which is not a sensible daily thing to do.  I probably need to go to the dermatologist, waaahhhh.  I hate going to the doctor.  It takes too long.  Ha, so instead I ask random people on the Internet for advice- a far more sensible option, right?

"Gown how to press?"

Deeds is getting baptized Easter Sunday and wearing his great-grandfather's gown, which my father-in-law recently found.  It's absolutely gorgeous- from around the turn of the century, every stitch is hand-sewn.

 I need to press it, but am terrified.  I mean, I can iron, but this?  It's too fragile and special to risk.  Which is why I am also scared to take to the dry cleaner.  I mean, they lose stuff!  Have you seen American Hustle?  Low level con men might take it as part of their disguise in order to scam people into giving loan fees.  So what do I do?

And finally,

"Funfetti yuck"
I thought the craze was over, but what is with funfetti?  Never been a huge fan of the icing to begin with (canned icing makes me teeth hurt with all the sugar, and funfetti is the worst offender).  Plus, it's not a real flavor.  It's like when we would get ice cream as kids- my brother loved Superman.  This always just bug the hell out of me, because it's vanilla!  With food coloring!  Order something cool that we don't have at home, brother!  Of course he was like 4, but still.

I look on Pinterest and grown women are making funfetti oatmeal.  Barf-o-rama.  Just eat a piece of cake or some oatmeal.  Don't try to combine the two.

Unless it's like an oatmeal spice cake.  That sounds good.  Hmmm.  Maybe these middle of the night thoughts do have some merit buried deep within.


  1. Your phone notes look like mine. Why is it that I am always struck with "creativity" during the middle of the night feeding? Do you think you could steam the gown? I would say that would be your best bet. It's gorgeous!

  2. Ha ha, I do the same thing with notes on my phone. I later look back and have to scratch my head. We had a few vintage baby dresses that were Margot's grandmother's circa 1960's rather than early 1900's but still delicate fabric. I hand washed them in wool lite and pressed them on low heat with muslin between the dress and iron. With yours I would first try to hang the gown in your bathroom for a few days and see if the shower steam and heat will help the wrinkles fall out. If you do want to iron it, I would lay a thin dishcloth or tea towel between the gown and the iron and use a low heat. I would not take it to the dry cleaner! In the end it's going to get pretty wrinkled just being worn by a baby so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

  3. I'd look for a reputable wedding dress cleaner in your area, and take it to them. Or, if the thought of giving it up to the dry cleaners feels iffy, just take a steamer to it. I've found it's much easier to steam delicate items rather than use an iron.

  4. Ah, iPhone notes. I have pages and pages of these in the form of "baby notes." I started writing her monthly letters - that lasted six months. Never did get around to a baby book. So I started keeping "detailed" notes in my iPhone. I look back now and half of it's gibberish. Awesome. I think a steamer would work well on the gown if you can get your hands on one. I've always wanted one but they're so big - where to store it? And funfetti/cake batter flavored everything grosses me out too. Blech.

  5. I have a similar family gown that I framed for my daughter's room. I washed it in Woolite by hand, hung to dry in a sunny window and then pressed it with a white bath towel between the iron and the gown. It worked well, although ironing that way is a bit slow. The gown came out very nicely with no damage. I have had the same itchy foot problem...I use my favorite pumice stone to scratch :-(

  6. Hilarious. All those Pinterest "recipes" make me want to bang my head against my laptop screen. Have you seen the Easter donut tomb? "Get excited kids, we are having Jesus' burial place for breakfast!"

  7. I have a steamer that I use instead of an iron. I don't trust myself with an iron. I bet a steam would be great for the gown. If you don't have one, try hanging it from the shower rod and letting the room fill up with steam from a hot shower. That'll even help.

  8. I just laughed so hard at your brilliant notes that I woke up a certain chest-snoozing newborn! I've never been fond of sprinkles (THEY DO NOT TASTE LIKE ANYTHING!) so funfetti isn't really my thing either!

  9. Seriously trying to reconcile that I like you with your hate of Funfetti. This is tough.


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