Apr 21, 2014

One for the Books

It has been a whirlwind of a week- filled with good food and family.  My darling niece came in from Charlotte on Tuesday for an action packed spring break of toddler chasing and baby holding.  However boring it might have been, when you are almost fifteen anything is better than being around your parents.  Or at least it was for me, ha!

 She was thoroughly smitten with this handsome fellow, and now he is spoiled beyond belief.  Poor buddy is in for a rude awakening when we get back to the routine of a busy mama- it's back to lots of bouncy seat, tummy time and the baby Bjorn, mister!

The rest of Morgan's family arrived in town Friday afternoon.  We had Easter lunch Saturday at my house- timed during nap time so I could actually sit and eat.  The menu was asparagus rolls, smoked salmon and crackers to start, followed by ham, balsamic green beans and hot potato salad.  Casting aside any illusions of modesty, I must say it was a damn fine lunch.
And a beautiful table- no thanks to the freeze earlier in the week that killed about everything blooming. Trader Joe's and Costco to the rescue.  This was my first trip to Costco- that needs its own post.  I could spend my life savings in a single aisle.  Absolutely amazing.

Sunday was just such a special Easter.  Deeds was just perfect during his baptism.  Dell Harper stood up there with us and didn't make a peep until the prayer when she stated (rather loudly) that Deeds is "All clean now mommy!".

Maybe I need to up my bath time skills if she thinks a Presbyterian style sprinkle of water gets you all clean.

After church our families headed to our house for a simple lunch- Chicken Florentine with orzo, a big salad and rolls.  And some Prosecco- a glass of which was just what I needed after surviving an Easter baptism of a 2 month old with a two year old in attendance.

Deeds got a little visit in with his cousin Charlotte, who is exactly 16 weeks older.  She's getting baptized next weekend at our church, so Deeds had plenty of tips to impart.  (I just watched the Internet-stream of the church service solely to see if my hair looked as messy as it does in these pictures during the actual service.  It did not- just wilted afterwards.)

Of course it's not like one person paid a whit of attention to my hair.  Not with this darling buddy around.

 Grandparents from both sides of his family holding him- happy baby.

The hundred year old gown Deeds is wearing was profusely spit up upon immediately before pictures.  Ain't that always the way?

 Pop-Pop with all his grandkids, with one notable exception. Miss Priss passed out an hour early for nap on our way home from the church.  She could not be roused and missed the party completely.

After everyone headed home, I put up my feet and ignored chores. It was getting close to wake-up time, so I closed my eyes with the intention of taking a nap.  Sure enough, I immediately heard "Mama?!?  WAAHHH!!" coming from her room.

I deposited her in front of her Easter basket to avoid any post nap temper tantrum.  She stared into space for a bit, then realized it was for her.  Lots of crafts and opening up of stuff ensued.  So no pictures exist to document all four of us dressed, accessorized and bathed. I need photographic documentation of this rare occurrence!  I guess I can always watch the baptism online again, sigh.  It's pretty amusing to see Morgan surreptitiously wipe the sweat form his brow during the prayers.

DH obviously got more from the baptism than I expected, as she chased Buddy around the yard hollering "COME HERE BUDDY!! I put water on your head!!"

Buddy now can wreak even more havoc knowing his entrance to doggie heaven is secure.  Hmmpph.


  1. What a beautiful weekend for you guys. Your table is stunning.

  2. So glad you had a wonderful Easter & the weather certainly cooperated here in Tennessee. Beautiful baby in a beautiful gown. I love that Dell Harper tried to sprinkle the dog. These toddlers sure are characters!


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