Jun 1, 2010

White Trash Legs

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I did and now I am too pooped to pop. 

And itchy.  My legs are covered in skeeter bites the size of Moonpies.  It takes me back to my childhood, where I was always sporting some white trash legs.  Pale, skinny, covered in mosquito bites and bruises (I bruise like a peach and run into stuff a lot). 

So now I am going to my lawyer job, sporting white trash legs.  Since I look like a little kid, it would be nice to have summers off like one too, no?


  1. OMG, you just described my legs as a kid! Yep, that's what evenings running around in the yard playing hide-and-go-seek will do to you. Unfortunately, I think my kids are developing the same condition (or is that a good thing, since they're spending time outdoors playing instead of stuck in front of a TV?)

  2. That was me as a kid too!! And I'm also nursing some ugly bites on my legs. Ick.

    I'm currently sunburned as all get out from sitting by the pool with my laptop all weekend (working--ugh!). It's hard to convince the bosses that you were working when you're bright red. But, i really was. The joys of Wi Fi. Now, I need some aloe!

  3. I have a bruise the size of a softball on my leg from tubing this weekend. Aaaaaand obvs I'm rocking the dress sans pantyhose today. Awesome.

  4. totally know what you mean. if a mosquito gets me, it's going to swell up to the size of rhode island. and i learned last night that negative blood types are more prone to skeeter bites. and i am o negative. oy.

    so i'm usually covered in mosquito bites, bruises, and dry skin. and i totally had white trash legs as a kid.

    and here's a sidenote:

    every time i fell off my bike and got a skinned knee, my mom would tell me that i'd end up with a scar and wouldn't be able to be miss america with scarred legs. that didn't stick with me or anything. haha

  5. I am the SAME WAY! My legs were ALWAYS like that as a child, and now my kiddos sport the white trash legs, too.

    This morning as I was putting on a super cute new summer dress, I looked down at my legs... Then it was time to change into pants! And it seems like self-tanner makes mosquito bites/bruises all the more noticeable. Last summer I was in a wedding (at the beach nonetheless) and my legs were looking pretty rough. One of the other bridesmaids got me hooked on Sally Hansen pantyhose legs (or whatever it's called)... Basically spray-on makeup for your legs. Not something I'd mess with everyday, but for special occasions when it is HOT, totally works w/out smearing/rubbing off.

  6. I'm still sporting white trash legs - my legs are just a bit tanner but my brusises are just darker so the contrast is still pretty heinous! SUCH a cute pic btw!


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