Jun 9, 2010

Fundraisers, Houses, and Pretty Frocks

I am running around quite a bit this week, getting ready for a fundraiser Peg and I are throwing for Knoxville's oldest home. We started preparing a few months ago, when the dogwoods and spring flowers were sprouting their early blooms.
Now that it's summer, everything will be a full fledged party of blooms and color!  Hopefully, the fundraiser will also be a full fledged party with tons of guests (my fingers are involuntarily crossing as I type this).  To ensure success, we have tasked ourselves with calling friends and cajoling ticket purchases.  Brutal.

The event's dress is "garden party', and I of course, want to buy a new dress.  Shocking, no?  However, my dress purchase craving is (somewhat) curbed by my house craving.  I toured a house today which I really could see Hubs and I in for few years before we build. . .now we just need to find out what kind of loan we can get approved for, prepare the condo for sale, make an offer on this house, sell the condo, and buy the house!  Not terrifying or exhausting at all. . .although losing proximity to Pouffy Tummy man is a huge encouragement. 

I just love all the pretty summer dresses, and bright colors- after all, shouldn't the event planner match natural outdoor decor?  I want to wear something with a print, although lately I have been loving some yellow!  At Sunday School, CM and I were delighted when one of our favorite little students coordinated so nicely with our outfits.
And yellow was in abundance at the shower Saturday-

Kate has discussed this, but blondes can wear yellow!  A tan helps, but even without one, stick to warmer, sunny, marigold type shades, and avoid lemons at all cost!  Love 'em in my iced tea, but that color is absolutely deadly next to my rosy skin.

I was going to shop my closet, and re-purpose a couple of old dresses with the help of my seamstress (if only I could sew!), but time has gotten away from me this and last week. . .so maybe to Stein Mart and TJMaxx I go tonight?  We shall see. .

So have a rambled enough for y'all?  What would you wear to a garden party?  Links if you got them sisters!


  1. Have a great week prepping for your big event! I've thrown a few fundraisers with friends and love the energy ... doing something fun for a great cause always feels wonderful. As for yellow dresses, I tend to stay away from yellow save for accessories (I LOVE my yellow shoes), but good luck there as well. So many folks experiencing house fever right now, aren't there... I know just how you feel.

  2. Garden party?! Love it! Just bought a dress today that I think would go well: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41azSqHWkOL._AA300_.jpg

    It's not bright though! But it's a little classic to me. :)

    LOVING the yellow dresses - I have 2 yellow ones and think they're so pretty in the summer with tans.

    OMG - I want to follow you when you get a house - how fun!

  3. Love yellow!! For a garden party, I'd wear anything from Anthropologie--you just can't go wrong with their dresses.

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  5. LOVE this dress, well pretty much any dress from Anthro! But, the neckline and color on this dress is so pretty!


  6. Can you pleeeeease please, pretty please ask CM where she got her dress?

    CM also my initials, it's only fitting that I have that fab dress, too!

  7. Oh! I love all those yellow dresses! Love love love!


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