Jun 10, 2010

Worry is the Worst Misuse of Your Imagination

So look what I came home to yesterday-
Peg left me a gorgeous pot full of flowers and a sweet note to let me know she's thinking of me. 

Last week, my daddy was in the hospital. He was discharged Sunday evening, but it was a stressful and terrifying time.  Between all my social activities last weekend, I was at the hospital- lending a bit of a frantic air to my celebration of birthdays, babies, and marriage. 

So Sunday afternoon, I was stocking up at the grocery for my parents in preparation for Daddy's return home.  As I drove home, I started thinking about what was going to happen if he didn't listen to the doctor (as men in their early sixties are apt to do), how I was going to handle it, and what would be next.  These thoughts may have been realistic, but believe me, they were not my usual Pollyanna rays of sunshine.

Then I passed a sign which read, "WORRY IS THE WORST MISUSE OF THE IMAGINATION" .

"Huh." I thought, "That's so true, and what I need to do right now is STOP worrying!" 

I love when God speaks to us through signs out front of mini storage places.

In other news, I am now using my imagination to decorate a house I want to buy (which Hubs has not even seen yet).  He sees it tonight, so fingers crossed.  House decoration is an excellent use of the imagination I think. . .


  1. I'm right there with you. My mom is in the hospital - it's a stressful time. Glad to hear your dad is doing better and how nice to come home to a beautiful arrangement of flowers. Good luck with the house viewing!

  2. What a great piece of advice. I need that this morning!
    Hope your dad heeds the doctors' warnings. I have a hard-headed early sixties dad myself, so I understand your concern!

  3. Hang in there, sweet Samma! My dad is finally sucking it up and taking some doctor's advice himself - you're right, WHY are dads the most hard-headed people around? At any rate, I sure wish we could have a little midweek oyster party to banish these tough thoughts. Sending you love!

  4. Oh Lady I hope your dad is doing better. Men are stubborn. The flowers are gorgeous. This advice is something I am going to right down. Very helpful!

  5. I hope your padre is doing much better! I've been worry-warting for the past week about things that are no longer in my control - I've done what I can do and now I just have to wait... Thank you Mini Storage for the excellent advice!

  6. you're right. worrying will not add a minute to your life. your flowers are beautiful. sending a prayer your way! xo

  7. Thoughts and prayers for your dad. There is nothing scarier than a parent in the hospital.

    And what a great little quote. That might just be office cube-wall worthy. Gorgeous flowers!

  8. I love those messages from God :) and such a great one this is! I'm sending prayers for your Dad.

  9. Hope things are getting better for you! You'll be in my thoughts!


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